User Manual

Cutover Migration

  • What is cutover migration?

    Cutover Migration is a migration technique which migrates all the data in one go. This migration technique quickly migrates the data with not much effort and it is recommended for small and medium sized organizations. As the small/ medium sized organization will not have large amount of data the whole migration process may complete in couple of days which can be performed over the weekends to avoid the downtime.

    Before choosing cutover migration, be sure that your current Exchange Environment is Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013 and the environment should have less than 2,000 mailboxes.

    Let’s understand the limitations of native migration solutions

    • Migration process takes a lot of time to complete.
    • As it involves execution of cmdlets a small mistake may cause huge data loss.
    • Data may be corrupted if the entire process is handled without care.
    • Lot of complex steps will be involved.
    • To have successful migration, an Exchange admin should have adequate knowledge about the entire process.

    To have a simple and secure migration you can go for EdbMails Exchange Migration which efficiently does its job. No need to spend hours on preparing source and destination environments and executing complicated cmdlets as the EdbMails Exchange Migration handles it effortlessly.

    The whole Exchange migration process is easy with EdbMails Exchange migration tool. You just have to decide what should be migrated and rest of the process will be done automatically by the tool without affecting any data. The main purpose of this application design is to make the entire migration process smooth and perfect.

    EdbMails Exchange Migration tool is an ideal solution that lets you choose the migration technique according to your Environment. Everything will be in one organized application and clearly does its job of Exchange migration without affecting the source mailbox data.

  • How to perform cutover migration

    Step-1. Download and install the EdbMails application.


    Step-2. Login using EdbMails account credentials.

    Demo login EdbMails

    Step-3. Select required migration technique from the menu.

    Exchange Migration

    Step-4. Connect to your source Server

    Follow one of the below links to connect source mailboxes

    Connect to source Exchange server

    Connect to source Office 365

    On successfull login you will be display with the list of mailboxes

    Step-5. Select the mailboxes you want to migrate

    Select the mailboxes for migration

    Select the mailboxes that you wish to migrate.

    Choose the migration type as 'Full migration' or 'Incremental migration'.

    Select Mailboxes

    Click the 'Migrate to Destination Exchange [Incremental]' button to continue.

    Export Selected Mailboxes

    Step-6. Connect to your destination Server.

    Follow one of the below links to connect destination mailboxes

    Connect to target Exchange server

    Connect to target Office 365

    On successfull login you will be display with the list of mailboxes

    Step-7. Map Source and Target mailboxes.

    Click here for the details to map source and target mailboxes.

    Step-8. Start the Migration operation.

    • During migration operation, user can view the progress and also can view the migration operation log using view log.

      migrate exchange progress


    • Provides Multi-language support, whether it may be a Non-English character or any other special characters.
    • User can perform batch/ selective folder migration according to their requirements.
    • Simple and easy to use GUI makes the entire process effortless and there is no technicality required to perform migration task.