User Manual

Migration Types

EdbMails Migration tool supports all the migration types such as cutover, staged and hybrid migration techniques. You just have to configure the source and target environment connections and rest will be done by the application.
Below links contains the information about how to configure and perform specific migration type

  • Cutover migration : Cutover Migration is a migration technique which migrates all the data in one go. This migration technique quickly migrates the data with not much effort and it is recommended for small and medium sized organizations.

  • Staged migration : Staged Migration is migration technique which migrates all existing users’ mailboxes from on-premises Exchange 2003/ Exchange 2007 to Exchange online. In staged migration, the mailbox migration can be performed in two stages if necessary. This type of migration is recommended for medium and large sized organizations.

  • Hybrid migration : Hybrid Migration is a Migration technique which allows to migrate the data stored in both on-premise Exchange and Exchange online.