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Connect to Office 365 with full access permission

  1. Office 365 multiple users migration with full access permission for a user.

    Click here to assign full access permission for a user in Office 365
    To migrate multiple users with full access permission, Select “Connect to Specific User Without Impersonation rights”.

    connect to specific user

    In the next window select “Multiple User Migration Using ‘Full Access” Permissions

    Multiple User Migration Using ‘Full Access’ Permission

    To migrate the data from other user, the user who is migrating needs to have full access permissions by the other user which can only assigned by the admin.
    So to do this select “Multiple User Migration Using ‘Full Access’ Permission

    full access permission

    Next login window will open enter required organizational account credentials to list the mailboxes.

    login to office 365

    On successful login you will be displayed with the message box to load mailboxes from previously stored list. Click “yes” if you want to list mailboxes.

    login message

    If you choose “No” next wizard will open to display list of mailboxes select one of them

    load mailboxes

    Load Mailboxes Automatically

    Application will map the mailboxes automatically if the target mailboxes are present

    Load Mailboxes using .CSV file

    In this option you have to do the following steps to load mailboxes using csv

    load mailboxes using csv

    Load mailboxes from previously stored list

    This option will display all the mailboxes which are stored previously.