Office 365 Group Migration

If you want to migrate Office 365 groups you can use EdbMails Migration tool which helps you to migrate your Office 365 group data. Application migrates all your Office 365 groups data to destination mailbox or to another group.

After connecting to the source server, you just have to select the groups in which you want to migrate and then proceed with the destination connection.

Office 365 Group Migration

According to your requirement, the selected group's data can be migrated to another group or to a mailbox.


It becomes very hard if you had to depend on multiple tools for different operations which is hectic to manage and also time-consuming. So, it’s always better to go for a solution that has everything in it and EdbMails is one among them. EdbMails Migration tool allows you to migrate your Office 365 groups to another group or mailbox in just a few clicks.

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