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OST to PST Converter & Migration - Features

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Steps to convert OST to PST file

  1. Start EdbMails OST to PST Converter application
  2. Select OST to PST Converter / OST Recovery
  3. Browse the OST file and click the 'Continue'
  4. Select the folders that you wish to export / migrate
  5. Click the 'Export / Migrate Now' button to convert OST to PST

OST to PST Converter

OST to PST converter tool

OST to PST Converter tool

Use EdbMails OST to PST converter tool for recovery of corrupted OST file and convert OST file to PST file. You can import the exported PST to Exchange server using Power shell.

Convert OST to PST

Exchange server Mailbox recovery using OST file

Convert OST to PST file and then import the recovered PST file to live exchange server. Also have a backup of PST file from OST file using EdbMails OST to PST converter tool.

Export OST to PST

Recover deleted emails, folders etc.. from OST file

Export OST to PST file. Recover the deleted mailbox in Exchange server with exported PST file. If a mailbox or any folder or any mail item got deleted, you can recover from the OST file using OST to PST converter tool.

Free OST viewer

OST file viewer - Preview all data

Free OST file viewer: you can open OST file and preview all data of OST file. View all mail items, folders, contacts, calendar like outlook. Verify all the mail items and its contents.


Exchange Mailbox Backup using OST file

Backup Exchange mailbox by exporting OST to PST file. Export OST file to PST and have it backed up on regular basis. In case of Exchange Server crash, you can restore all mailbox PSTs to Exchange server.

Migrate OST to Office 365

Migrate OST to Office 365 / live Exchange

EdbMails OST to PST allows you to do direct migration to office 365 or Live exchange server. Create impersonation rights to one of the user of office 365 or live exchange server. Login with impersonated user in EdbMails OST to PST converter application. Map the OST file to office 365 or live Exchange server accuont to Migrate.

convert OST to PST file

Access OST file on your network

EdbMails allows you to access OST file from network location. You can choose any OST file from your network to convert OST to PST file.

Convert OST to PST

Convert OST to PST of any MS Exchange & Outlook version

EdbMails converts OST to PST file. Any version of Exchange server OST and Outlook. No matter which version of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange you are using.


Export only the required folder

You select the required folder and export the OST file to PST. You can export only contacts or Calendars or you can filter the export based on dates and subject.

OST to PST Conversion

All Attachments & Images can be recovered

EdbMails recovers all attachments and in-line attachments, images contained in OST file. OST to PST recovery tool keeps the originality of the mail body without making any changes to it.

OST to PST Converter

Recover Meta data & Attachments

OST to PST Converter recovers the emails with the meta data. Recovers the data like ‘subject’, ‘to address’, ‘from address’, ‘date and time’, ‘cc’, ‘bcc’, 'message id' etc. Saves background images, attachments (with all extensions), appointments, meeting schedules etc.

EdbMails Free OST to PST Converter

Step 1: Login to the EdbMails Application
Step 2: Select "Export OST File" to convert OST to PST
Step 3: Preview mailbox of OST file, select the mailbox to export to PST.
Step 4: Export selected mailbox or folders to PST.