Office 365 Backup FAQ's

  1. How does EdbMails Backup work?

    EdbMails application for Office 365 backup can be installed on any windows 7 and higher version or Window server 2008 and higher machine. Application connects to your Office 365 server via Exchange Web Services and backup mailbox data and Public folders to your local storage. To backup the user mailboxes from office 365 you need to provide impersonation rights to one of the user with admin rights and MFA enabled. Login with that user in EdbMails application and perform the backup.

    You can perform onetime backup or continuous backup with EdbMails. Continuous backups are performed in cycles. The first backup created is a backup of entire data. Subsequent backup create only the incremental backup. It updates only the new mail items or deleted items from the Office 365.

    Restoring the backup file is possible on virtually every level: You can restore entire mailbox or any specific folders. The target for restore action can be chosen. It can Office 365 or Live Exchange server.


  2. Where do I set Private Encryption Key for the AES 256-bit Encrypted Backup?

    Follow the below steps to set Private Encryption Key for the AES 256-bit Encrypted Backup:

    1.  For encrypted and compressed Backup, select the option ‘Backup using AES 256-bit Private Key based Encryption’ in the Office 365 and Live Exchange Backup as shown below.

    Backup using AES 256-bit Private Key based Encryption

    2.  Upon selecting the AES 256-bit encrypted Backup, the Private and Default encryption key settings screen will appear as shown below. Follow the instructions provided in the screens to set the required encryption key.

    Encryption key settings

    Note: It is important for you to archive the Private Encryption Key safely for future use as you will be unable to restore the data without it.


  3. Can I use different Private Encryption Key for my account on different computers?

    No. To ensure the integrity of the backed up data, you can set Private Encryption Key only once for your account. The same Private Encryption Key must be used on all other computers for Backup.

    Contact EdbMails Tech Support for any queries


  4. Can I change my Private Encryption Key for my account?

    No. To ensure the integrity of the backed up data, you can set Private Encryption Key only once for your account. The same Private Encryption Key must be used on all other computers for backup.

    Contact EdbMails Tech Support for any queries


  5. What is Incremental backup?

    Initial backup is always full. That is, application will backup complete data from the selected mailbox on successful backup. Consecutive backup to the same location will be Incremental. That is, only the newly added (not yet considered for backup) items from the mailbox are considered for the backup by comparing the previous backup data. There by it will save the disk space and bandwidth. In addition, performance of the backup will be improved.


  6. Do AES 256-bit encrypted backups are Incremental and compressed?

    Yes. AES 256-bit encrypted backups are Incremental and compressed. It will provide extra protection for your backup.


  7. How many versions the Exchange and Office 365 backup folder maintains?

    It will keep files from FULL and Incremental backups for 30 attempts. After the 30 backup attempts, application will change the Folder to the next sequence number to perform the FULL backup, and every consecutive backup is incremental.


  8. How do I restore backup data back to my mailbox?

    1.Click the ‘Restore From Encrypted file’ button from the Office 365 / Exchange Backup screen as shown below.


    2.Select the file that you wish to restore from the backup location and proceed.


  9. Can I test all the features of EdbMails Office 365 Backup before I Purchase?

    Yes, you can test Office 365 mailbox backup.

    You can run EdbMails demo / trial version for a quick test / review using 2 easy steps:

    Step 1: Download and install the EdbMails application
    Step 2: Click the "Start Your Free Trial" button as shown in the below screenshot

    Demo login EdbMails

    Demo / Free trial will migrate 30 items from each and every folder maintaining the exact source server folder hierarchy. You can Migrate 30 items from each and every folders from your Live Exchange server to other Live Exchange Server / Office 365.

    This means that, if you’re using it to migrate e.g. a user’s mailbox, only 30 emails from each mail folder, 30 calendar items from each calendar, 30 contacts from every contacts folder, etc. will be migrated.

    Later you can purchase the license for full version of Office 365 Migration tool; you can resume the migration and move all remaining items incrementally.


  10. What is prerequisite and system requirement for performing the office 365 Backup?

    EdbMails Backup application can be installed on any machine that is connected to the Internet.

    System Requirements:

    • Dual-core processor
    • RAM : 1GB
    • 64-bit operating system (windows 7+ clients Windows server 2008+ Server)
    • .Net 4.0 +
    • MS Outlook
    • Hard disk space depends on the amount of data you like to backup.
    • To backup the user mailboxes from exchange server you need to provide impersonation rights to one of the user with admin rights and MFA enabled.
    • Link to impersonation rights



  11. Do EdbMails provide storage space for office 365 backup copies?

    No. Main purpose of the EdbMails office 365 back is to create local backup.. This backup helps in legal requirement concerning data archiving, backup and recovery. It is always safe to protect your data by keeping your backup in your organization than on any 3rd party cloud service.


  12. How can I know the licensed mailboxes used for Backup?

    In the Office 365 Backup screen, Click on the button 'View list of mailboxes that are used for backup'


    You get a list of Mailboxes that are already used for backup. Also you have search option to search the mailbox you are looking for.



  13. Is there a cloud backup option?

    No, not yet. But we may give option to backup your files on 3rd party Cloud hosting services in the future.


  14. How much disk space will I need for my Office 365 backup?

    It all depends on the size of data you want to backup. EdbMails office 365 Mailbox Backup will perform backups until there is free space left.


  15. Few items have been missing after the migration / backup. Why?
  16. Few items have been missing after the migration / backup. Why?

    During migration / backup there will be an error related to 'Mime Content Conversion'. That is, the item we attempted to migrate is corrupt and was rejected by the Exchange / Office 365 server during migration / backup operation.

    Possible work around:
    This error message indicates that the item is skipped during migration / backup.
    In most cases, you will find that the item is either corrupt or damaged. You may forward the affected items to the destination manually if it is necessary or using Outlook you may export / import the item. Please note that EdbMails tries to repair and normalize invalid MIME content, but this may not always succeed.


  17. How is EdbMails Office 365 Backup is priced and licensed ?

    EdbMails Office 365 backup license is priced annual subscription according to the number of mailboxes chosen for backup. There is no monthly subscription available.

    On the expiry of your subscription you will be no longer be able to backup the data, but you will still be able to restore items.


  18. Do EdbMails Backup Public folder and Shared folders?

    Yes. EdbMails backs up standard user’s and shared mailboxes as well as public folders.



  19. Is there an option to filter the scope of backup data?

    Yes, there is. The available options include:

    • Selective mailboxes / folders which you want be backup
    • Filtering backup items based on subject, sent date / received date


  20. Do EdbMails impose item size or speed limits for backup performance?

    No limits, the performance of office 365 backup depends on environmental factors such as: speed of the hardware, speed of the mailbox access, Office 365 server performance, EdbMails office 365 Backup for Mailboxes uses EWS to connect to the server.

    There is also no limitation with respect to backup size.


  21. During backup operation will it affect on the performance for the Office 365 users?

    The EdbMails backup operation doesn’t impose any restrictions on the usage of mailboxes by the users. Users can continue to work as they normally would while EdbMails continues with the backup tasks assigned to it in the background. This means no disruption to the workflow and zero downtime.


  22. Using EdbMails Can I backup on my storage / shared network drive?

    Yes, you can backup to your local storage / shared network drive is possible through by selecting the storage destination in Back location