Office 365 email Backup and Mailbox Backup with incremental and AES 256-bit Encryption

Be in complete control of your cloud data with comprehensive local backup of all your Office 365 data. Run brick-level, true incremental backups so that you don't have to worry about deleted emails, retention policy changes or licenses of departed users anymore. Ensure no downtime during backup jobs and secure your backups with AES 256-bit standard encryption.

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Secure your Data with AES 256-bit Encryption

EdbMails uses AES 256-bit Military standard data encryption to safeguard your information whether it be during an ongoing backup operation or for your locally stored backups. This also ensures that you can meet all the stringent security requirements set by your organization easily when using EdbMails.

Incremental office 365 email backup

EdbMails application performs incremental backup of your Office 365 mailboxes / public folders. Let the backup job run in the background. Initial Backup will be always full backup. Incremental Backup will avoid duplicate item creation on consecutive backups. For Incremental Backup, you need to backup specific mailbox from the same computer.


Automatic reconnect during any intermittent internet connection

With EdbMails you won't have to worry about any intermittent connection issues as it reconnects automatically and progress the backup.
Source / Target server interruption — if a Source / target server experiences an interruption, the source/target network connection is physically broken but both the source and target maintain the connection information. Application Availability source, not being able to communicate with the Availability target server, in this situation EdbMails tries to reestablish the connection and proceeds with the backup.

Restore your office 365 email backup data at anytime

The Office 365 backup solution from EdbMails ensures that all the important data of your business are backed up locally in storage of your choice. This eliminates the risk of any critical information leak and other safety concerns as would be the case when relying on third party cloud storages. It also means that you have complete freedom to access the backed up data whenever you want.

EdbMails restore process is also secure. During restoration, all your backed-up data is exported to Office 365 reliably and securely. EdbMails ensures all the mails, contacts; calendar and other data are accessible whenever you need it.


Monitoring and diagnosing

Advanced algorithms incorporated in EdbMails automatically keep track of the progress of all ongoing backup and restore processes to ensure everything runs smoothly. The application also maintains a log of all activities which makes it easier to troubleshoot in any unforeseen scenarios.

Incorruptible secure backup

The backups created using EdbMails are not easily corrupted and thus guarantee highest possible reliability. The backup and restoration process need minimal user intervention eliminating any or all chances of accidental mishaps.


Maintains Original data & folder structure

EdbMails for Office 365 backup ensures that the backups made are a 1:1 copy of your online mailbox. This means that there won't be any alterations to the existing folder structure when the backup is restored.

Zero downtime

EdbMails ensures that no part of the Office 365 is inaccessible during the backup operation. Users can carry on with their works as they normally would since EdbMails backup operation has no impact on their mailboxes. This ensures continuity of workflow and zero downtime.

Office 365 Email Backup
  • Office 365 Email backup

Steps to Backup Office 365 with Office 365 email backup application

Step 1. Start the EdbMails application and click the 'Start your free trial'
Step 2. Select 'Office 365 Incremental Backup' and click the 'Continue'
Step 3. Login to your Office 365 as prompted and follow the steps
Step 4. Select all mailboxes that you wish to backup and choose the backup location.
Step 5. Click the 'Backup using AES 256-bit Private key based Encryption' and Continue.
Step 6. Upon operation completion, appropriate message will be prompted.

Why Office 365 email backup?

Office 365 email backup is a basic necessity to safeguard your organization's data. There is always risk from outages, cyber attacks, data corruption and even inadvertent or intentional deletion of data. This is where EdbMails for Office 365 backup email can come handy; it not only saves your data but also acts as an additional layer of protection saving you from the following:

Malicious software attacks

Ransomware attacks that can cause heavy loss of money and information. Having secured backup of all your Office 365 data means that your organization is less likely to fall prey for such incidents.

Accidental deletion

Accidental deletion of mails or configuration changes that hinder workflow. Having a backup acts as an insurance against all such mishaps.

Hacking attempts

While every organization's security infrastructure will have measures taken to prevent possible hackers getting their hands on confidential information, having a secure backup adds another layer of security and guarantees peace of mind.

No need to maintain inactive licenses.

When a user license become inactive, all the data associated with it is also permanently deleted, consequently organizations were forced to maintain licenses even for those users/employees that are no longer a part of the firm in order to retain their data. With EdbMails you can easily backup the required user data from your Office 365 tenant and achieve significant cost savings.

Retention Policy

Retentions policies can be rather complicated and keeping up with changes is a tough task. Having a backup mitigates this risk as you have access to all the data anytime instead of relying on retention periods.

Internal security issues

Insider threats are always a serious risk for data security. One can’t be too careful about critical organizational data; hence having backups is the only way to ensure your business is sufficiently protected against insider threats.

Synchronization Errors

There can be synchronization issues especially when using a hybrid deployment. To prevent any data loss when such errors crop up, it is always a safe bet to have backups.

Legal Issues

Backups can ensure that your organization has timely access to the data it may need for any legal lawsuits or regulatory compliance.