Office 365 email Backup and Mailbox Backup with incremental and AES 256-bit Encryption. Be in complete control of your cloud data with the comprehensive local backup of all your Office 365 data. Run brick-level, true incremental backups so that you don't have to worry about deleted emails, retention policy changes or licenses of departed users anymore. Ensure no downtime during backup jobs and secure your backups with AES 256-bit standard encryption.

Office 365 Encrypted Backup Overview

  • AES 256-bit Encrypted, Incremental and Highly Compressed Backup
  • You can set Private Encryption Key for the backup for additional protection for your data
  • Save Office 365 Mailbox backup (a data encrypted) on your local computer or on network / shared drives
  • The consecutive backup will only backup newly added items to your mailbox thereby saves bandwidth, disk space and time
  • Configure backup in 2 clicks by using the ease of use and user-friendly application interface
  • Granular backup of Office 365 accounts Emails, Contacts, Calendar and Task etc
  • Backup Archive and Public folder Office 365 mailbox

What we Backup?

Features included for Office 365 Backup

Data / settings from source server

AES 256-bit Encrypted Backup

Mail Items 
Alias / Distribution Groups 
Data Journal 
Public Folders (Unlimited) 
Public Folder Permissions 
Archive Mailboxes (Unlimited) 
Shared Mailbox 
Massive Mailboxes (50 GB+) 
Mailbox Full Access Permission 
Email Categories 
Folder & Calendar 
Calendar Permissions 
Mailboxes (Unlimited) 
Meeting Invite Integrity / Status 
Auto Mapping (Map source and destination mailboxes) 
Incremental Backup (No duplicates) 
Automatic Mailbox creation on target server 
Archive Mailbox Backup 
Public folder Backup 
Shared Mailbox Backup 

Why to Backup Office 365?

Office 365 Backup. Office 365 AES 256-bit Encrypted backup

  • Accidental deletion: By mistake, if you delete an account that may cause user inaccessibility of the mails. Your backup can restore the deleted mailboxes.
  • Complex Retention policy and confusion: Very hard to keep and manage Office 365 retention policy. Backup your mailboxes and forget retention policy issues.
  • Managing Hybrid mailbox backup: No matter the source of the mailbox, you can backup either from Office 365 or from On-premises, Hosted Exchange server in a single application.
  • Internal security: Have a backup and be safe and secure from the external and internal threats.
  • Safe-guard from Ransomware attacks: External threats, malware, viruses and ransomware attacks can damage your data. Backup can restore your mailbox to an instance before any attack.

Office 365 Backup

Why EdbMails Office 365 Backup?

Best Office 365 Backup & Recovery Solution.

Secure your Data with AES 256-bit Encryption

Secure your Data with AES 256-bit Encryption

EdbMails uses AES 256-bit Military standard data encryption to safeguard your information whether it be during ongoing backup operation or for your locally stored backups. This also ensures that you can meet all the stringent security requirements set by your organization easily when using EdbMails.

Incremental office 365 email backup

Incremental Office 365 Email backup

EdbMails application performs incremental backup of your Office 365 mailboxes / public folders. Let the backup job run in the background. Initial Backup will be always a full backup. Incremental Backup will avoid duplicate item creation on consecutive backups. For Incremental Backup, you need to the backup a specific mailbox from the same computer.

Incorruptible secure backup

Incorruptible secure backup

The backups created using EdbMails are not easily corrupted and thus guarantee the highest possible reliability. The backup and restoration process needs minimal user intervention eliminating any or all chances of accidental mishaps.

Restore your office 365 email backup data at anytime

Restore your Office 365 email backup data at anytime

The Office 365 backup solution from EdbMails ensures that all the important data of your business are backed up locally in the storage of your choice. This eliminates the risk of any critical information leak and other safety concerns as would be the case when relying on third-party cloud storages. It also means that you have complete freedom to access the backed up data whenever you want. EdbMails restore process is also secure. During the restoration, all your backed-up data is migrated to Office 365 reliably and securely. EdbMails ensures all the emails, contacts; calendar and other data are accessible whenever you need it.

Monitoring and diagnosing

Monitoring and diagnosing

Advanced algorithms incorporated in EdbMails automatically keep track of the progress of all ongoing backup and restore processes to ensure everything runs smoothly. The application also maintains a log of all activities which makes it easier to troubleshoot in any unforeseen scenarios.

Automatic reconnect during any intermittent internet connection

Automatic reconnect during any intermittent internet connection

With EdbMails you won't have to worry about any intermittent connection issues as it reconnects automatically and progresses the backup. Source / Target server interruption — if a Source/target server experiences an interruption, the source/target network connection is physically broken but both the source and target maintain the connection information. Application Availability source, not being able to communicate with the Availability target server, in this situation EdbMails tries to re-establish the connection and proceeds with the backup.

Maintains Original data and folder structure

Maintains Original data & folder structure

EdbMails for Office 365 backup ensures that the backups made are a 1:1 copy of your online mailbox. This means that there won't be any alterations to the existing folder structure when the backup is restored.

Zero downtime

Zero downtime

EdbMails ensures that no part of Office 365 is inaccessible during the backup operation. Users can carry on with their works as they normally would since EdbMails backup operation has no impact on their mailboxes. This ensures continuity of workflow and zero downtime.

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