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Best method to backup and restore O365 data

Securely Backup all data on your local storage without relying on IT administrators or cloud services.


Incorruptible incremental Office 365 backup

Backup Office 365 data with complete peace of mind and without worrying about size limitations, oversized file corruptions or risk of possible data loss. EdbMails backups are incremental and only the newly added items are considered during consecutive backups.

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Granular Backup and Restore

Perform granular brick-level Office 365 tenant backup/restore jobs on specific mailboxes, folders, contacts, individual emails, attachments, files, or items, allowing you to backup/restore precise individual items rather than an entire mailbox.

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Consistent folder structure

EdbMails ensures that the backup copies are an exact replica of your Office 365 mailboxes with no modifications to the original data. This means that there won't be any changes to the existing folder structure or their hierarchy when the backup is restored.


Restore the backup anytime

EdbMails allows you to backup sensitive Microsoft 365 business data locally, eliminating the risk of information leaks and other security concerns associated with third-party cloud storage. Restore the backup to any Office 365 tenant by having complete control over the backed-up data.

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Secure Office 365 backup and restore solution

Encrypt your Office 365 backup data with a secure key

EdbMails allows you to securely encrypt all of your Office 365 backups with AES 256-bit military grade encryption or set a private encryption key for additional data protection.

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Backup Office 365 Public folder and Archive mailboxes

Backing up entire Microsoft 365 tenants, Public Folder, Archive and Shared Mailboxes is simplified with EdbMails intuitive user interface that eliminates the need for complex PowerShell scripts or manual backup methods.

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Zero downtime and zero impact on users

EdbMails carries out Office 365 backup in the background ensuring complete mailbox accessibility during the operation without interrupting the user's workflow. This allows them to use and work with their mailboxes without downtime.

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Backup Office 365 mailboxes in 3 easy steps

Get the process done within minutes and not months.


    Step 1: Download Office 365 backup tool

    Download and install EdbMails Office 365 backup solution on your computer which takes no more than 5 minutes.

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    Step 2: Connect to the Microsoft 365 tenant

    Login to your Office 365 tenant by entering your credentials and select the mailboxes and folders that you wish to backup.

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    Step 3: Start the Office 365 backup process!

    Select the encryption method (Default or Private), select the backup location to save the file and start the operation. That’s it!

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How can EdbMails Office 365 backup help you?

Secure and reliable backups protect your data and keep you compliant.


Manage Office 365 Hybrid mailbox backup

Regardless of the source of the mailbox, you can backup all Office 365, On-premise, and Hosted Exchange server mailboxes from a single application and retain the backup forever in your environment.


Convenient multi-location backup

EdbMails allows you to backup your Office 365 mailboxes to multiple locations such as a network / shared drive, virtual machine, remote server or straight to your desktop computer for disaster recovery.

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Prevent accidental Office 365 data loss

With EdbMails backup solution, you can quickly restore the data from accidental mailbox deletions, data deletions, ransomware threats, mailbox accessibility issues saving you precious time and efforts.

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Free up space on Office 365 tenant

Backup entire mailboxes, large attachments and folders that are taking up unnecessary space eliminating the need to retain and pay for inactive Office 365 mailboxes that you no longer use.


Protect O365 data from retention policy changes

EdbMails backup and restore makes it simple to avoid Microsoft 365 mailbox retention policy changes that can be difficult to keep track of. A secure local backup is the best method for extending and simplifying data access without worrying about policy changes.


Backup to comply with legal requirements

Using EdbMails, you can backup users' mailboxes who are no longer in the organization and restore them to meet the legal requirements in a timely manner without the fear of expired user-licenses. In addition, EdbMails is GDPR compliant and ensures that all your Office 365 local backups are also compliant with such regulations.

Office 365 Backup Features

Key features to help you complete the task and more.


Incremental Microsoft 365 Backup

EdbMails backups are true incremental and highly compressed consecutive backups which copies only the newly added items to your mailbox, saving bandwidth, disk space, and time.

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Monitoring and diagnosing

EdbMails automatically tracks the progress of all ongoing backup and restore operations and provides a comprehensive summary of all backed-up folders, mailboxes, and items, making it easier to troubleshoot any unforeseen scenarios.

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Multi-item backup and restore

Backup various mail items such as Calendar, Contacts, Alias / Distribution Groups, Tasks, Notes, Data Journal, Massive Mailboxes (50GB+), Email Categories, Folder & Calendar, Calendar Permissions, Meeting Invite Integrity / Status and so on without size limitations.


Give it a try, before you buy

The trial version of EdbMails allows you to test the application and all of its features for free. For a better understanding of the entire workflow, you can also request a free live demonstration of the software.

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Backup with include / exclude filters

By default, EdbMails performs a full backup. However, using the filter settings, you can backup the items based on Date, Subject, Attachment etc. This allows you, for instance, to backup Office 365 data between two dates or emails from a specific domain / sender address and so on.

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Easy Office 365 multi tenant restore

Following a backup with EdbMails, you can restore your mailboxes and mail items to the same or a different Office 365 tenant / Exchange server, giving you complete flexibility, such as restoring from an On-premise Exchange server to Office 365 or from a Hosted Exchange server to a live Exchange server.

Who can use EdbMails Office 365 backup?

A single backup tool serving the needs of various users.

Microsoft 365 backup for individuals

For Individuals

EdbMails Office 365 mailbox backup license can be used by personal and technical users for personal backup of their data. It is also ideally suited for data recovery companies to provide data extraction to their customers.

Microsoft 365 backup for professionals

For Professionals

EdbMails is customized for business units and corporates who are looking for a quick backup software for Office 365 and to restore their mailboxes in a few clicks.

Microsoft 365 backup for enterprises

For Enterprises

The specialized pricing plans are suited to backup as large as 2000 mailboxes or complete tenants for large corporations, organizations, Government and Educational Institutions without a hassle.

Complete Security Guaranteed

Secure Office 365 backups which ensure complete Peace of Mind.

Complete Security

EdbMails places a high value on security and uses TLS encryption and secure OAuth 2.0 modern authentication for Office 365 login.

You can protect your backup data with the default AES 256-bit military data encryption or your own private key, ensuring that your backup copies are always protected.

EdbMails is ISO certified and adheres to Microsoft's migration and backup flow, so you can be confident that the entire migration process is secure.

In addition, it supports Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for an extra layer of protection and does not store or retain your credentials anywhere on its servers.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How does EdbMails Office 365 Backup work?

    EdbMails supports both one-time and continuous backups. The first backup created is an entire data backup and the continuous (consecutive) backups are incremental (only new changes and updates from the source are considered for backup). You can restore the encrypted backup file at almost any level i.e restore the entire mailbox or specific folders to the target Office 365 or Exchange with the application’s granular restore facility.

  2. How to perform Office 365 migration and backup using EdbMails?

  3. Does Office 365 backup data by default, and why do I need a backup?

    Office 365 native backup solutions are insufficient to cover all types of protection, which is why EdbMails Office 365 backup can be the ideal solution for all of your requirements. Office 365 backups are essential for restoring data in the event of accidental mailbox deletions, ransomware threats, or having a duplicate copy of your data in another location during worst-case scenarios. Learn More

  1. Does EdbMails provide a facility to backup SharePoint and OneDrive data?

    Yes. You can backup SharePoint, OneDrive as well as Microsoft Teams using EdbMails backup tool.

  2. Can I backup Office 365 Public folders and Shared mailboxes using EdbMails?

    Yes. EdbMails is a versatile Office 365 backup tool that provides two options for backing up your public folder and shared mailboxes. You can export them to Outlook PST and replicate the PST file across network drives, hard disk storages. The second method is creating a highly secure encrypted Office 365 backup.

  3. Is EdbMails Office 365 backup a cloud backup service?

    No. The primary function of the EdbMails Office 365 backup is to create a local backup which helps in meeting legal requirements for data archiving, backup, and recovery. It is always safer to protect your data by keeping backups in-house rather than using a third-party cloud service. Learn More

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