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IMAP migration Overview

EdbMails IMAP migration is an easy solution for migrating emails between IMAP enabled servers. It allows migration of mailboxes from all IMAP enabled mail servers such as Zimbra, Icewrap, Hotmail, and yahoo, G-suite etc. It directly migrates IMAP mailboxes to Office 365 and live Exchange server. In addition, it helps to export the IMAP mailboxes to PST.

To whom the IMAP migration tool is helpful?

IMAP migration is helpful for migrating mailboxes from a non-Exchange Server platform to Office 365 or to another IMAP email server. EdbMails is a safe bet for the successful IMAP migration.

Features and advantages

Direct IMAP to IMAP mailbox migration

EdbMails directly migrates non-Exchange server mailboxes like cPanel, windows Plesk and any IMAP enabled email servers to Office 365 or another IMAP enabled server. It migrates the entire mailbox items or selective folder items to another server of the same domain or a different.

Gmail to Office 365 migration

All the organizations goal at scalability. It is the best bet to move to SaaS solution that helps to grow together with a company’s requirements. This makes the migration from Gmail to Office 365 become common. EdbMails helps to migrate Gmail to Office 365 using IMAP. It supports single as well as multiple mailboxes migration to Office 365 without any issues. Read more

cPanel to cPanel Migration

Migration of mailbox data from one cPanel server to another can be achieved by IMAP migration. To migrate the mailboxes, no need of hosted web server file access for you. Migrate the mailboxes with email server domain or IP address and appropriate credentials. Read more

cPanel to Office 365 Migration

EdbMails IMAP migration supports the migration of cPanel mailbox directly to Office 365. Select the email server domain or IP address and appropriate credentials. Connect to target Office 365 with Global admin credentials. The application automatically maps the source cPanel mailbox with Office 365 mailbox.

Export IMAP mailbox to PST

The software helps to take the backup of IMAP mailboxes. You can easily export IMAP mailboxes to PST files. MS Outlook should be installed for exporting to PST. Read more

Support for Selective items migration

You can migrate mailbox items of your own selection by applying filters such as After Date, Before Date, From Address, To Address, Subject, Attachments name, Cc Address, Bcc Address etc.

Incremental migration without any duplicate items

The application supports true incremental migration. However, initial migration is always full migration. On consecutive migration to the same location on the same computer will be incremental migration. Only the newly added items (not yet considered for Migration in the previous migration) items will be migrated to the target location. It will not create duplicate items in any condition.

Automatic setting of impersonation rights

EdbMails automatically sets the impersonation rights to Office 365 server. Just connect the source and target servers with the appropriate credentials. The rest will be handled automatically.

Automatic mapping of mailboxes

The software makes the mailbox mapping much easier as it automatically maps the mailboxes between source server and target servers.

Automatic creation of mailboxes on the target server

The application automatically creates the mailboxes on the target Office 365 server once you provide the appropriate details

Detailed migration report

The software generates a detailed migration report. This helps in troubleshooting if there are any issues persists in migration.

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