User Manual

Gmail to Office 365 migration FAQ's

  1. How to run EdbMails demo / trial version for a quick test / review?

    You can run EdbMails demo / trial version for a quick test / review using 2 easy steps:

    Step 1: Download and install the EdbMails application
    Step 2: Click the "Start Your Free Trial" button as shown in the below screenshot

    Demo login EdbMails

  2. How fast I will receive the KEY after purchasing EdbMails license?

    EdbMails does not require any separate KEY to use the application after purchasing the license. That is, your account will be automatically upgraded to the type of the license that you have purchased. You need to download and install the application and login using the EdbMails account credentials (E-mail Address and password) that you have created during license purchase.

  3. Is there a free trial version? What are the limitations?

    Yes, You can Download and Install the free trial version

    Free version can Export and Migrate 30 items from each and every folder maintaining the exact source Mailbox folder hierarchy.You can perform migration operations.

  4. How to Perform Gmail / G Suite IMAP mailboxes migration to Office 365?

  5. What is the process of Gmail / G Suite email Migration?

    To migrate from Gmail / G Suite to Office 365 / Exchange, follow the below steps:

    1. Install EdbMails Gmail / G Suite Migration tool.
    2. Connect the desired Source Gmail / Gsuite mailbox that you want to migrate.
    3. From Multiple Multiple Server / Mailboxes, load desired CSV file with all the details given in the sample CSV file.
    4. Enter Destination connection details of Office 365/Live Exchange server.
    5. Map the Source mailboxes with the Target mailboxes.
    6. Click the 'Export / Migrate Now' button.
  6. Can I Migrate Gmail / G Suite emails using this software?

    Yes, you can migrate Gmail / G Suite emails using EdbMails IMAP Migration.

  7. How can I use CSV file for multiple mailboxes migration?

    Select the ‘Multiple server’, select the ‘Connect to IMAP ‘and click the Load Mailboxes From CSV File.

    IMAP Multiple Server

    ‘Download sample CSV file’, edit sample csv file and add the multiple mailboxes details as request. Browse the CSV file

    IMAP Migration Load CSV

    Application loads all the mailboxes entered in the CSV file as shown below.

    IMAP Multiple Mailboxes

  8. Can I exclude trash or empty folders during migration?

    Yes, you can selectively exclude empty folders or trash or any other folder you wish by not selecting it from the tree view for the migration operation.

  9. Can I install this software on Windows 10, 64-bits of Machine?

    Yes, you can install this software on any version of windows on both 32 bits as well as 64 bits architecture of machines.