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Step by Step Guide to Convert IMAP to PST

  1. Step-1. Prerequisite to export IMAP to PST

    1. Install Outlook on your computer.
    2. Create a profile in your Outlook.
  2. Step-2. Download and Install the EdbMails application

    a. Download and install EdbMails on your computer.  Download

    b. Double click the EdbMails setup (EdbMailsSetup.exe) to install the application.

    c. Follow the instructions that appear to complete the installation.


  3. Step-3. 'Login' or 'Start Your Free Trial' to access the application

    Click the 'Login' or 'Start Your Free Trial' button.

    Demo Login

  4. Step-3. Select 'IMAP Migration'

    Select the option 'IMAP, POP3 Email Migration' and click the 'Continue'.

    Exchange Migration

  5. Step-4. Connect to Source IMAP Server

    Login to Source IMAP Server

    Click here for the detailed steps on IMAP server login using EdbMails

    On successful login, you will be displayed with the mailbox(es).

  6. Step-5. Export IMAP to PST file

    IMAP to PST Converter

    Select the required mailboxes. Click the 'Export to Outlook PST' button to continue.

    IMAP Export to  pst

    Select PST location

    If the PST location has not been selected then the application will prompt to select the PST location. Select the PST location where you want to save the exported data. Ensure that you have enough free disk space to store the PST files.

    pst location

    Start the Export Operation

    Click the 'Continue' button as shown below.

    IMAP To PST Converter

    That's it! You can view the export operation progress.


    IMAP to PST progress

    Appropriate message will be displayed on completion of the export operation.

    Start Microsoft Outlook and open the PST file to verify exported items.

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