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Zimbra to Office 365 IMAP Migration

It is a common requirement of most of the organizations to migrate their data to Office 365 cloud due to its various advanced features. One such requirement may include migration from Zimbra. Even though Zimbra is a robust email system, it is too simple to fulfill organizational needs.
Let’s try to analyze the difficulties involved in migrating Zimbra to Office 365 migration and the solution.

Who rely on Zimbra e-mail communication?

Zimbra is an open-source web-based e-mail application. It is a fast, lightweight and user-friendly email application. It is inexpensive to maintain and manage. It suites best for small and medium sized organizations. There is a drastic movement towards Office 365 cloud as these old legacy systems failed to meet the latest business demands.

Why to migrate data from Zimbra?

Zimbra is best suited for small businesses. Its interface looks old and laggy sometimes. Filters are hard to use and understand. It becomes hardship to filter junk mails effectively. Problems with data export and back up as software depends on servers. Its Mobile Version allows only sending messages and cannot attach files. No graphical administration interface to track the e-mails. Hard to configure shared mailboxes in Zimbra. It cannot handle massive data and lacks storage space.

Advantages of Office 365 migration

Office 365 is a cloud-based e-mail system with various advanced features. Subscription-based licenses can be upgraded and downgraded as per your requirements. Highly secured and provides seamless workflow of e-mails, contact, etc and can be managed on multiple devices. Office 365 is a comprehensive suite that includes many applications and services as a package

EdbMails for Zimbra to Office 365 migration using IMAP

Internet access protocol (IMAP) is an e-mail access protocol used to configure e-mail account to a local or remote Web Server in the modern era. IMAP is almost universally supported, and is a best method for migrating from Zimbra to Office 365.

EdbMails is one of the best solution that allows you to migrate mailboxes from IMAP server to Office 365 efficiently. It is specially designed to migrate mailboxes from different IMAP server to Office 365. It allows you to load multiple mailboxes using CSV, automatically maps the source Zimbra mailboxes with the Office 365.

Zimbra to Office 365 Incremental migration

If you are looking for a third party solution for migrating your Zimbra mailboxes to Office 365, you can use EdbMails. It supports incremental migration and avoids duplicate items on the target. It is a high performance migration application and meets all the migration requirements.

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