User Manual

Export Contact from Gmail / G-suite to CSV

To migrate your contacts to Office 365 email account, first download them as a CSV file.

1. Browse

Connect to global admin user
2. To Export the Contacts, click the Export menu on left as shown below.

3. Choose the Group you need to export
4. Select the Outlook CSV
5. Click the Export

6. Save CSV file


The exported CSV file can be imported in Office 365 contacts.

How to Import Contacts to Office 365?

1. Login to the Office 365 account. where you wish to import the contacts
2. Click the contacts as shown in the below image.

Select contacts
3. Click the Manage and Import contacts as shown below

Import CSV
4. Click the Browse button and select the CSV file. Then click the Import button as shown in the below image.

Browse CSV
5. Imports the CSV file contacts to Office 365

Uploading CSV
6. Contacts are successfully imported to Office 365 account