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Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant migration redefined!

Migrate to Office 365
tenant in a few clicks

EdbMails is a highly secure, automated O365 tenant migration software to transfer entire mailboxes and mail data in a few simple steps. Its unique and default incremental migration prevents duplication and data loss while ensuring perfect consistency between the source and the target.

Directly migrate data between Microsoft 365 tenants

Office 365 Tenant to tenant migration with EdbMails is simplified to the selection of mailboxes and you can migrate between the same or different domains without requiring technical expertise.

Migrate On-premise Exchange to Office 365

Migrate from all versions of on-premise Exchange server (2007-2019) to Office 365 including mailboxes, Public Folder, Archive, Shared Mailboxes and their Settings.

One-stop solution for complex migration tasks

EdbMails is a stress-free software solution for Office 365 staged, cutover, hybrid, and IMAP migrations, as well as mailbox export to Outlook PST. Directly migrate user mailboxes with admin privileges without keeping your server down.

Learn what makes EdbMails O365 migration secure

You never have to worry about data loss or downtime when using EdbMails.

  • Secure Migration Flow
  • Migrate with no data loss
  • Migrate with no third-parties
  • Maintain data consistency
Safe and secure migration to Microsoft 365

EdbMails follows Microsoft’s migration flow and uses modern OAuth 2.0 authentication to make your Microsoft 365 migration secure.

It does not retain your credentials and directs you to the official Microsoft 365 login page for authentication.

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Migrate to O365 with no data loss and downtime

EdbMails automatically reconnects and resumes Microsoft 365 migration after a conditional wait time and ensures migration continuity during intermittent connection issues.

This allows you to migrate without fear of data loss, downtime, or your user’s data getting affected.

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O365 migration without any third party components

EdbMails Office 365 tenant to tenant migration enables you to migrate with complete peace of mind and ensures that the migration does not involve third party-components or intermediate services.

Furthermore, the program is installed in the local environment from where the migration is carried out, and it occurs directly between the source and target servers.

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Migrate with complete folder hierarchy and consistency

EdbMails helps you perform a worry-free migration by maintaining an exact replica of the source data on the target server and ensuring 100% data consistency.

The application preserves the exact folder hierarchy, file formatting and language encoding without altering your mailbox contents before, during or after the migration operation.

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Office 365 tenant migration steps

  1. Download EdbMails and click 'Start Your Free Trial' to use it for free.
  2. Login to the source tenant and select the mailboxes / mail items.
  3. Click 'Migrate to Office 365' and connect to the destination server.
  4. Map the source and target mailboxes and start the migration.
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Office 365 migration working
Microsoft 365 tenant migration tool

Migrate Microsoft 365, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams

EdbMails supports multiple migrations from a single user interface.

  1. Migrate Mailbox Permissions, SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams data.
  2. Migrate user mailboxes, SharePoint sites with automatic impersonation rights.
  3. Migrate data directly from on-Premise Exchange to Exchange online.
  4. Trouble free migration operation without impacting your business or users.
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Salient Features at a glance

Unlimited tenant migration for O365

Unlimited tenant to tenant migration

Directly migrate Microsoft 365 mailboxes between tenants of the same or different domain without mailbox limitations.

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O365 incremental migration

Incremental and no-duplicate migration

When migrating from the same client to the same target, EdbMails prevents duplicating mail items for consecutive migrations.

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Brick level migration for Microsoft 365

Granular Migration with advanced filters

EdbMails supports brick-level granular migration, which allows you to transfer specific mail items and folders using the include / exclude filter settings.

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Public folder and Archive mailbox migration

Migrate Public folder and Archive Mailbox to Microsoft 365

Migrate Public folder of any size and volume with EdbMails Office 365 migration without having to learn any PowerShell scripts.

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G Suite to Exchange online migration

Easily migrate from G Suite / Gmail to Office 365

Migrate your Google Workspace (G Suite) or Gmail account to Exchange online with EdbMails IMAP migration.

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Brick-level secure Office 365 backup

Highly secure brick-level Office 365 mailbox backup

Protect and secure your data with EdbMails incremental and brick-level AES 256-bit military grade backup of Office 365 mailboxes.

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Backup Office 365 mailboxes to PST

Incremental PST Backup of Office 365 mailboxes

EdbMails allows you to export your Exchange online mailboxes to an Outlook PST file and store it as a backup copy in the desired location.

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Automatically map mailboxes for Office 365 migration

Auto-map mailboxes between source and destination servers

EdbMails mailbox mapping feature maps the mailboxes automatically and saves your time for large scale migration operations.

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Migrate all mail items to Office 365 tenant

Migrate mailboxes, calendar, contacts & permissions

Using EdbMails tenant to tenant migration, you can transfer all mail items and properties from the source to the target tenant without any data loss.

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Verify Office 365 migration with log report

Migration Summary with Log Report

The application generates a comprehensive log report detailing the entire migration helping you to keep a track of the operation.

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Got questions? Here are the answers

  1. What Office 365 migration types does EdbMails support?

    EdbMails supports cutover and staged migration which allows you to transfer all your mailbox data or in batches respectively. Furthermore, it also supports hybrid and IMAP migration using which you can transfer your data from a Hybrid Exchange environment or migrate G Suite to Office 365 using an IMAP connection.

  2. Does EdbMails Office migration tool support Hosted Exchange migration?

    Yes, It does. With EdbMails, you can migrate all the mailbox data from your Hosted Exchange platform (eg: Rack space and GoDaddy etc) to Office 365 tenant flawlessly. You can also migrate between the same or different Office 365 domains.

  3. What are the steps to migrate Office 365 Public folder with EdbMails?

    Migrating Public folders is very easy with EdbMails. You just need to connect to your source server and select the required folder with the items that you would like to migrate and the application will handle the rest. Click on the link for step-by-step instructions to migrate Public folders.

  1. Does EdbMails support Rackspace, GoDaddy to Office 365 migration?

    Yes. EdbMails offers full migration support from servers such as IMAP, Rackspace and GoDaddy to Office 365. It also supports migrating between tenants of the same domain name if you have your Office 365 tenant on GoDaddy and would like to migrate to a Microsoft domain.

  2. Can EdbMails migrate encrypted emails to Office 365?

    Yes, EdbMails can migrate encrypted emails from the source Exchange server to your Office 365 user account in the same way that it migrates regular emails. After migration, you can find all of your encrypted emails in your target Office 365 mailbox.

  3. Can I migrate new emails using EdbMails without duplicates on the target server?

    By default, EdbMails performs a full migration from the source to the target. During the next consecutive migration to the same target, it ensures that only the new / updated items are migrated without creating duplicate entries. In addition, you can avoid rescanning all your mailboxes by filtering and narrowing down your emails based on the last migration date.

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