Exchange server Archive mailbox migration

In-Place Archiving in Exchange Server is useful to regain control of your organization's messaging data by avoiding the personal storage (.pst) files and allowing users to save messages in an archive mailbox. The archive mailbox is an additional mailbox that's enabled for a user's primary mailbox. The archive mailbox can be accessible in Outlook and Outlook on the web. It can be viewed by the users and migrate the data from or to the primary mailbox.

EdbMails supports direct migration of Exchange Archive mailboxes from the source server to the target server. Before getting in to migration task, ensure to enable the archive mailboxes for users that already have a primary mailbox based on the default retention policies or those you customize in the Exchange admin center.

Archive mailbox migration

The various scenarios that EdbMails supports Exchange Archive mailboxes migration are:

  • Exchange Archive mailbox to Exchange migration
  • Exchange Archive mailbox to Exchange Archive mailbox migration
  • Exchange Archive mailbox to Office 365 migration
  • Exchange Archive mailbox to Office 365 Archive mailbox migration

How to migrate Exchange Archive Mailbox to Office 365?

The cloud technology has assured secure movement for the business’ legacy data on cloud environments like Office 365 which can be accessible from anywhere at any time. EdbMails Exchange migration software provides a one stop solution for the flawless migration of Exchange Archive mailboxes to Office 365. This is reliable for all the Exchange migration requirements. It simplifies the migration process which is challenging for the manual methods.

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