Migrate mailboxes from Hosted Exchange

A version of Microsoft Exchange server that can be accessed from a remote server or through a cloud service provider is referred as Hosted Exchange. It provides the same and enhanced functionality of a standard Exchange server, but with a Software-as-a-Service model. It is installed, configured and hosted on a service provider platform.

Hosted Exchange Migration

Reasons for migration to Hosted Exchange:

1. To achieve consistent reliability and reduce the server downtime

The main reason for the movement from in-house Exchange to Hosted Exchange is reliability and downtime. Most of the users suffer from the lack of redundancy and bandwidth, poor maintainance, security and performance issues due to a delay in On-Premise Exchange upgrades.

Hosted exchange providers specially provide:

  • Experts to perform updates
  • Scheduled updates that allows timely maintenance
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) uptime guarantees
  • Continuous technical support
  • Data backup

2. To reduce the cost

In-house Exchange server is too expensive when compared to a hosted solution. In-house Exchange demands upfront financial investment over the hardware and software licenses hosted exchange services require minimal initial costs and are scalable. It doesn’t need additional hardware or software and also added IT personnel.

3. To get Extensive Mobile device support

How to perform Hosted Exchange migration?

EdbMails Exchange migration tool supports for the migration of mailboxes from your On-Premises Exchange server to Hosted Exchange environment.

The various scenarios that EdbMails supports Exchange Archive mailboxes migration are:

  • Direct migration from live Exchange to Hosted Exchange server
  • Hosted Exchange to Office 365 migration
  • Hosted Exchange to Hosted Exchange server migration
  • Migrate to Hosted Exchange from Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019

You can migrate mailboxes between any two Hosted Exchange environments using EdbMails. It is a reliable solution to meet all the requirements of the Hosted Exchange migration scnenarios. The software performs a secure migration and maintains the data integrity throughout the migration operation.

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