MBOX Export and Migration FAQ's

  1. How to run EdbMails demo / trial version for a quick test / review?

    You can run EdbMails demo / trial version for a quick test / review using 2 easy steps:

    Step 1: Download and install the EdbMails application
    Step 2: Click the "Start Your Free Trial" button as shown in the below screenshot

    Demo login EdbMails

  2. How fast I will receive the KEY after purchasing EdbMails license?

    EdbMails does not require any separate KEY to use the application after purchasing the license. That is, your account will be automatically upgraded to the type of the license that you have purchased. You need to download and install the application and login using the EdbMails account credentials (E-mail Address and password) that you have created during license purchase.

  3. What all email clients does the EdbMails MBOX to PST Converter support?

    EdbMails MBOX to PST Converter supports converting .mbox files from Opera, PocoMail, Entourage, Eudora, Postbox, Sylpheed, Netscape, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, GyazMail, Claws Mail, Evolution, The Bat, SeaMonkey, Mulberry, PowerMail, WebMail, Gnu, Sparrow and Spicebird to Outlook PST file.

  4. Will the Free trial of EdbMails include ability to convert MBOX to PST?

    Yes, the free trial version of MBOX to PST Converter can be used to test out all the features that EdbMails offers and allows you to Convert 30 mails per MBOX file to Outlook PST file. For complete conversion you will have to purchase the full license.

  5. Why should I convert MBOX files to PST files?

    PST files are secure, easily transferable and fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook. Because of this, many people prefer having their MBOX files converted into Outlook PST format.

  6. What are the various MBOX conversion options that EdbMails supports?

    The EdbMails MBOX to PST tool is capable of converting MBOX files to Outlook PST. Additionally, it is also capable of migrating MBOX files to Office 365 tenant or Live Exchange Server.

  7. How can I convert MBOX to PST using EdbMails?

    For converting MBOX to PST using EdbMails, follow the steps below:
    Install and launch EdbMails MBOX to PST Converter tool.
    Select “MBOX Export” option.
    Browse for and select the .mbox file that you wish to convert.
    Select the mails that you wish to convert to PST from the application window.
    Set the location for the PST file.
    Click “Export to Outlook PST” option.

  8. Is there support for batch migration of MBOX mails in EdbMails?

    Yes, there is. You can migrate individual mails or multiple mails from MBOX files of all supported email clients to Outlook PST file, Office 365 or Live Exchange server.

  9. Is it possible to select and convert only the emails I wish to PST files?

    Yes, it is possible. EdbMails allows you to pick and choose individual mails from the MBOX files for conversion to Outlook PST file and also has a set of extensive filtering options that lets you filter emails by before/after date, to/from address, subject etc.

  10. What is size limit of MBOX file that can be converted using EdbMails?

    EdbMails MBOX to PST Converter does not impose any size limit restrictions for the MBOX file, you can use EdbMails to convert and migrate even large sized MBOX files effortlessly.

  11. Is it possible to migrate emails from thunderbird .mbox file to Office 365 using the personal license?

    No, it is not possible. The personal license allows for conversion of MBOX files to PST only. To migrate MBOX to Office 365 or Live Exchange server you’ve to opt for the Corporate or Technical edition.

  12. Is there support for converting Gmail emails to PST?

    Yes you can convert Gmail emails to Outlook PST file with EdbMails using the MBOX files generated by google takeout. EdbMails also has support for converting Google vault MBOX files to PST.

  13. Can I use EdbMails to convert Mac mail emails to PST file?

    Yes, you can. EdbMails MBOX to PST Converter supports complete conversion of Mac mail mbox files to Outlook PST. This ensures smooth conversion of your Mac mail emails with all its properties such as subject, date, time etc to Outlook PST file.

  14. Does EdbMails support Thunderbird MSF to PST export?

    Yes. That's, MSF is a file with no extension and it is called MBOX file which stores all the information of the mailbox in Thunderbird. Hence, you can use EdbMails MBOX to PST export feature to perform MSF files to PST export operation. In addition, you can migrate MSF data to Office 365 and Exchange server mailbox using the EdbMails application.

    Follow the below steps to perform MSF to PST export operation:

    Step 1: Locate MSF file in your computer.

    1. Open the Thunderbird application.
    2. Go to Tools > Account Settings > Server Settings.
    3. In Server settings check the Local directory value and copy it.
      Open MSF Files

    Step 2: Exporting MSF to PST using EdbMails MBOX to PST export feature.

    1. Launch EdbMails application and click 'Login'

    MSF to PST Login

    2. Select the option 'MBOX to PST. MBOX to Office 365. MBOX to Exchange' and continue

    select mbox

    3.Browse the location of .msf file that you have copied in Step 1

    4. Select the file with no extension having same name as that of .msf file as shown in the below image.

    Select MSF file

    5. Upon loading the file, select the location to store the exported data.

    Select PST Location

    6. Select the option 'Export to Outlook PST' to export MSF to PST.

    Export MSF to Outlook PST

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