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Smart Microsoft Teams Migration

Automated data migration with less manual work.

Migrate all SharePoint and Teams data

Transfer SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams data between tenants, including Sites, Sub-sites, Communication Sites, Meetings, Teams, SubTeams, Files, Groups, Audio, Video, Properties, Private and Shared Documents in a few clicks. Work with the same team and improve your collaboration by migrating Owners, Members, and Permissions.

Migrate teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

Migrate from Godaddy to Office 365 tenant

Migrate between Office 365 Tenants of the same or different domains

EdbMails makes it possible to easily transfer Microsoft Teams data across Office 365 domains including messages and their replies. For instance, you can safely switch your server from GoDaddy to Microsoft with the same domain name and migrate without losing your valuable data.


Microsoft Teams Migration Step by Step

Not sure where to start? Follow 3 simple steps to finish the job.

Microsoft Teams migration tool

  •   Step 1: Download EdbMails and select the option 'SharePoint Sites, OneDrive, O365 Groups & Teams Migration'.
  •   Step 2: Login to the source Office 365 admin account with appropriate company site URL and credentials.
  •   Step 3: Select the required Microsoft Teams sites and click 'Migrate to SharePoint, OneDrive, Group, Teams'.
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Overview of the Key Features

Learn about EdbMails useful features for a smooth SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive migration.


Zero Data Duplication

EdbMails incremental migration ensures that newly added items or changes to your Teams data are migrated on each subsequent migration. Migrate an unlimited number of times without the fear of duplicate items.

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Single-login migration

Migrate Teams data by setting the impersonation rights to the admin account in your Office 365 tenant and easily migrate all your user’s data in your organization with a single global login.

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Monitor and Moderate

EdbMails comprehensive text-based log report, which summarizes the migrated items and their count relieves the burden of manual comparison procedures and makes it simple to verify the migration operation.

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Zero Downtime migration

EdbMails ensures a smooth Teams migration and does not cause downtime or interruptions to your workflow. You can continue using Microsoft Teams even while the migration is taking place without affecting the user's data.

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Migrate a wide range of your Teams data

EdbMails is the ideal tool for Teams migration that you can rely on and trust.

Migrate Libraries, Lists, Teams, Contacts and Notes

Work less and migrate more with EdbMails Teams migration

The application provides you complete freedom to decide what to migrate.


Single software management

EdbMails neatly displays all of the Team Sites data on its graphical interface giving you a quick overview of what to migrate. You can install the software on any Windows PC or virtual machine and start migrating your data with Microsoft 365 Global credentials.


Centralized graphical interface

The software includes a centralized console from which you can perform a variety of operations such as selecting individual SharePoint sites, using filter options, mapping mailboxes, and performing the migration step by step without losing focus or flow.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are some of the Microsoft Teams migration best practices?

    Microsoft Teams is a widely used communication and collaboration tool in business environments and migrating Teams data during company mergers, acquisitions can be challenging without a proper plan. EdbMails can help you ease the challenge and migrate Teams data step-by-step. Click here to learn more about Teams migration best practices.

  2. How do I move my Microsoft Teams from one tenant to another?

    EdbMails can help you migrate Microsoft Teams data from one Office 365 tenant to another from its user-friendly user-interface without requiring manual procedures. Click here for step-by-step instructions to migrate Teams.

  3. Can I migrate documents, Teams folders and their properties?

    Yes. EdbMails can migrate Documents, Teams folders and all their properties intact. It even retains the exact same structure and hierarchy of the sites and folders which makes a seamless migration possible.

  1. How to migrate Microsoft Teams on Windows 10?

    EdbMails is a Windows based migration tool and is compatible with all Windows operating systems (Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and XP) and all Windows server versions (2003-2022). It is a lightweight application best suited for SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive migration without a hassle. Learn More

  2. Can I try out EdbMails Microsoft Teams Migration before I buy it?

    Yes. You can try EdbMails demo / trial version for a quick test / review using 2 easy steps:

    • Step 1: Download and install the EdbMails application
    • Step 2: Click the 'Start Your Free Trial' button on the main interface. Learn more
  3. Does EdbMails also support backing up SharePoint and Teams data?

    Yes. EdbMails supports an all encompassing SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams data backup. The backup copy is granular and incremental allowing you to select specific items and perform consecutive backups (which saves only the new and updated items). Learn More

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