Microsoft Teams Migration

EdbMails Microsoft Teams migration solution is the best bet to perform migration Microsoft team data between the Office 365 tenants.

Microsoft Teams Migration Overview:

  • Complete migration of Microsoft Teams including documents, files, video, audio, contacts, notes, lists, attachments etc.
  • Easily Migrates entire Teams along with its associated SharePoint Site
  • Migrates Microsoft Teams data safely and securely to your target tenant server
  • Migrates all your Messages & their respective Replies without any hassle
  • Easily migrates entire metadata to your target server

What we Migrate?

Feature rich Microsoft Teams Migration solution

Data / settings from source server


Microsoft team data 
Private documents 
Shared documents 

Simple Steps for Microsoft teams migration

SharePoint Sites, OneDrive, O365 Groups & Teams Migration

Steps to migrate Microsoft Teams

  • Download and install EdbMails application.
  • 'Login' to the application with appropriate credentials.
  • Select the option 'SharePoint Sites, OneDrive, O365 Groups & Teams Migration’ option and click the 'Let's Go!'.
  • Connect to the source Office 365 admin account with appropriate company site URL and credentials then click the 'Login'button.
  • Select the required Microsoft teams sites.
  • Click the 'Migrate to SharePoint, OneDrive, Group, Team’ button to continue.
  • Login to the destination Office 365 admin account with appropriate company site URL and credentials then click the 'Login' button.
  • Select the option to map source sites / folders with the corresponding target sites / folders and click the ‘Continue’ button
  • Set the Action as ‘Migrate’ and click the ‘Continue’ button

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Why EdbMails for Microsoft Teams Migration?

Best Microsoft Teams migration tool

Granular backup and restore

Complete Office 365 Teams data migration

EdbMails migrates complete Microsoft team data including meetings, files, teams, private and shared documents etc., between one tenant to another.

Secured Local Backup

No restrictions on size of the Teams data

Whatever be the size of the data, the solution migrates all the Teams data to the desired target location

Automatic creation of subsites on target server

Migrate the Teams data to same or different domain

The solution migrates the Teams data including documents, files, video, audio, contacts, notes, lists, links, attachments etc. to the same Office 365 domain or different domain.

Maintains the original folder hierarchy

Automatic mapping of teams

No complexities for mapping as the application automatically maps the Teams between source and target servers.

No size restrictions on backup and restore

Exact replication of folder hierarchy in the target

The application replicates the exact folder hierarchy as that of source to target after the migration. No alteration in the Teams folder structure.

Restore to same or different office 365 tenants

Automatic creation of Teams on target server

The application automatically creates the Teams in the target server and migrate the data to the corresponding folders.

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