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Direct Migration of Microsoft Teams between Office 365 tenants

Microsoft 365 Teams migration
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Migrate Microsoft Teams from a user-friendly dashboard

EdbMails automates and simplifies the migration process.

Less interruptions and
more accuracy

Migrate Teams, Files, Meetings, Private and Shared Documents, SubTeams, Notes, and much more between Microsoft 365 tenants by automating the migration process without the need for complex PowerShell scripts or external APIs.

Automated Teams migration tool

Automap sites for Teams migration

Fast Teams Migration with

Login to your Office 365 tenant with a global administrator account and migrate all your user’s mailboxes by setting impersonation rights. EdbMails intuitive interface lists all the Teams and their sites in an organized manner and the auto-mapping Teams feature maps them automatically.

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Incremental Microsoft Teams migration

EdbMails allows for incremental migration which means that successive data migrations from the same source to the same target prevents duplicate items thereby saving bandwidth and migration time.

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No duplicate Teams migration

Streamlined Experience for Migrating your Teams data

Migrate with complete peace of mind every time.


Unrestricted Teams Migration

Regardless of the Teams data size in your organization, EdbMails migrates Teams, Office 365 Groups, OneDrive and SharePoint data to the desired destination and can automatically create Communication Teams on the target server.


Retain all data intact

EdbMails replicates the entire data, sites, and folder structure on the target without removing, modifying, or deleting any data which makes it easy to migrate without the fear of data loss or corruption.


Monitor, Manage and Track

The software displays a detailed log report including a summary of all the migrated items, their count including the folders and files allowing you to keep a track and monitor Teams migration from a single place.

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Select and customize Teams migration

EdbMails include and exclude filter options enable you to choose the data selectively (granular migration) based on Date, Sender and Recipient Address, Subject, Attachments combining them with logical conditions such as AND and OR.

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Office 365 reconnect and resume

In the event of connection failures or intermittent connection issues, EdbMails automatically connects to the target server after a wait time period and resumes the migration without interrupting the flow or causing data loss.


Feel pampered with 24x7 free support

Feel free to contact the representatives at EdbMails 24/7 if you have any questions or would like customized migration advice based on your needs. You can also request a free live demo to learn more about the Teams migration process and how the application works.

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