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Exchange Server Backup

Granular backup and recovery of Exchange Server

EdbMails is a one stop risk-free and reliable backup solution for exchange servers and public folders. With EdbMails you can backup individual or entire mailboxes to your local drives as per your convenience. It comes with sophisticated algorithms that can help you undo any database irregularities whether caused by human errors or any other unforeseen events.

Public Folder Backup

Public folder backup

Have peace of mind that none of your mails, contacts, calendars or other information will ever be lost thanks to public folder backup by EdbMails. You can easily backup the Public folder of your organization to local drive and access it whenever you wish.

Exchange 2010 Mailboxes Backup

Backup of Exchange 2010 mailboxes

The straightforward and easy to use interface of EdbMails makes incremental backups a rather easy process. Using EdbMails not only can you quickly browse all your backed-up mailbox data but also recover deleted items. You are also given the flexibility to choose where the data is to be restored to - its original location or a different place.

Export Exchange Automation Reconnect

Automatic reconnect during any intermittent internet connection

EdbMails supports Exchange server Backup with true incremental for your mailboxes. With EdbMails you won't have to worry about any intermittent connection issues as it Reconnects automatically and progress the backup. .

Exchange 2010 Mailbox Backup

AES 256-bit Encryption Backup

AES 256-bit Encryption is definitely secure for your Exchange online Backup file storage. The only weakness is the key that you choose. As long as you choose a strong key for it, AES 256-bit will keep your Backup files safe. AES 256-bit is considered uncrackable by itself.

Exchange Backup Options

Various backup options

Whether it be taking a snapshot of all your mailboxes/public folder in one go or performing repeated incremental backups needing minimal user intervention, EdbMails can do it all. Incremental backups will keep running in the background and cause no disruption to the workflow of end user.

Secure Exchange 2010 Mailbox Backup

Reliability par excellence

Secure and reliable backups that are easy to access at any given point in time are the hallmarks of EdbMails. With EdbMails exchange backup tool, you can not only backup all your mailboxes flawlessly but also create multiple snapshots of your exchange server which can later be restored according to your needs.

Exchange Mailbox Incremental Backup

Incremental backups

An incredibly useful addition to EdbMails, the incremental backups lets you create a backup of the entire mailbox including public folder once and subsequently snapshots of any further changes made to the mailboxes or public folder are automatically backed up so that all the important information of your organization is always safe.

Export exchange 2010 mailbox

Export exchange 2010 mailbox

EdbMails application performs incremental backup of your Exchange server mailboxes / public folders. Let the backup job run in the background. EdbMails lets you run an incremental backup (also known as a delta backup or an incremental copy) to backup new items or not backed up items from the Exchange server to your local storage. This can save backup time and space by avoiding duplicate items in your local storage.

Export Exchange 2010 mailbox Retention Policy

Full control over retention policy

Never have to worry about retention policy changes. With secure backups made with EdbMails you can be sure that all your data is safe and can be restored at any time irrespective whatever changes have been made to the retention period.

Exchange Mailbox Backup

Backup everything

Whatever be the folder type, rest assured that EdbMails can backup all of them efficiently. This means that you can backup and recovery all your emails, calendars, tasks, journals, notes or contacts safely and securely whenever you choose.

Exchange Mailbox Backup Management

Easy to manage

To access the backups all your need is a PC and proper admin credentials. It doesn’t require much technical sophistry or running any cmdlets. Thanks to the intuitive user interface of EdbMails and the various filtering options that it offers, searching through the backups is a breeze. The backup contents can also be previewed inside the EdbMails in a neatly organized manner.