SharePoint Online Migration Step-by-step guide

Steps to migrate SharePoint sites between Microsoft 365 Tenants

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Step by Step Guide for SharePoint Online Migration

EdbMails SharePoint Online migration solution allows you to migrate SharePoint Site Collections, Sites, Lists & Libraries from one tenant to another seamlessly.

  1. Step-1. Download and Install the EdbMails application

    a. Download and install EdbMails on your computer.   Download

    b. Double click the EdbMails setup (EdbMailsSetup.exe) to install the application.

    c. Follow the instructions that appear to complete the installation.


  2. Step-2. 'Login' to access the application

    Create trial account, enter the credential and Click the 'Login' button.

    Demo login EdbMails

  3. Step-3. Select 'SharePoint Sites Migration'

    Select the option 'SharePoint Sites, OneDrive, O365 Groups & Teams Migration’ option and click the 'Let's Go!'.

    SharePoint Sites, OneDrive, O365 Groups and Teams Migration

  4. Step-4. Connect to Office 365 Admin account

    Connect to Office 365 account with appropriate company site URL and credentials then click the Login button.

    SharePoint migration

  5. Step-5. Perform SharePoint Online migration

    Select the required sites and sub-sites.

    Choose the migration type as 'Full migration' or 'Incremental migration'.

    Select Sites and Subsites

    Click the 'Migrate to SharePoint, OneDrive, Group, Team’ button to continue.

    SharePoint Migration Option

    Login to Office 365 Admin account (Destination)

    Login to destination Office 365 account with appropriate company site URL and credentials then click the Login button.

    Sharepoint Destination Login

    Map Source and Target sites

    Select the option to map source sites / folders with the corresponding target sites / folders and click the ‘Continue’ button

    Mapping Options

    Start the Migration Operation

    Set the Action as ‘Migrate’ and click the ‘Continue’ button

    SharePoint Mapping

    That's it! During migration operation, you can view the progress as shown below.

    SharePoint Migration process

    Appropriate message will be displayed on completion of the migration operation.

    Click the 'View Log' button to view the backup operation log.

    Login to your target Office 365 account to verify the migrated items.