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Steps to Manually register (Modern Authentication) the EdbMails application in Azure AD


Execute the below commands in PowerShell (Run as administrator)

Command: Copy & Paste it

Connect-SPOService -Url https://<domain> -Credential $LiveCred

Set-SPOTenant -DisableCustomAppAuthentication $false


Step 1: Manually register the EdbMails application in Azure AD

  1. 1. Register EdbMails application in Azure Active Directory.

    a. Sign in to Azure Active Directory admin center

    b. Go to Azure Active Directory tab on the left side, then select App registrations tab and click on + New registration.

    App Registration

    c. Now enter the display name for the application and select one of the account types as per the requirement. For instance, let’s select Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) in the Register an application window. Click the Register button.

    Register an application

  2. 2. Generate Client secret

    It is necessary to add client secret to the newly created application. It allows the OAuth protocol to prove the apps existence. Follow the below steps to add a client secret to the EdbMails application which is registered in Azure AD.

    a. Go to Azure Active Directory and then select App registrations. Now select the newly added application

    b. Click on the Certificates & secrets and click on the + New client secret

    New client secret

    c. Add a short description, set the expiry period and click the Add button

    Add client secret

    Note: Copy the client secret value to the clipboard or directly use it in the EdbMails application. Once you leave the page, the value will not be displayed again. Then you need to create another client secret.

  3. 3. Select the Overview and copy Application (Client ID) and tenant ID that are required for login

  4. 4. Setting Permissions for SharePoint

    No need to set API Permissions in the Azure Active Directory to migrate SharePoint and One Drive data. To grant the permission it requires permission XML need to be provided in the SharePoint Admin Center. Follow the steps below.

    1. Login to your SharePoint admin center using the below URL to add the permission https://<domain>
    2. In the AppId field enter the Application Id (Client Id) which you have created in the Azure Active Directory.

      Enter the Application Id

    3. It will display app details. Enter the missing details.
    4. In the Permission Request XML field enter the below Permission request XML which is required to access SharePoint and OneDrive data.

      Command: Copy & Paste it

      <AppPermissionRequests AllowAppOnlyPolicy="true">

      <AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/sitecollection" Right="FullControl"/>

      <AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/sitecollection/web" Right="FullControl"/>

      <AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/sitecollection/web/list" Right="FullControl"/>

      <AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/tenant" Right="FullControl"/>


    5. Click Create. It will ask if you trust the application with the given permissions. Click Trust It.

      Click Trust It

Step 2: Fill in the necessary registration details for Login in EdbMails


Click on Modern Authentication button in the wizard.

Manual Registration

Now enter the  Application (client) ID, Directory (tenant) ID and Client Secret and click on the Login button

Manual registration connect

Note: Follow the above steps for the Source and Target Office 365 servers separately.

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