SharePoint Online Backup Features

Extensive Sharepoint online backup

Extensive Sharepoint online backup

SharePoint data can be backed up quickly and can also restore the data when it’s essential. All the SharePoint site collections, team sites, One Notebook, communication sites etc., which are stored in Office 365 server.

Office 365 mailbox backup Incremental

SharePoint backup of all the content types

Backup operation can be performed for both modern as well as classic SharePoint sites a including communication sites, team sites, site collections. Backup can be performed for all the sites present in current tenant or for the selected data.

AES 256-bit Encryption backup office 365 mailbox file

Granular SharePoint data recovery

While performing restore operation, SharePoint backed up data can be easily found as it will be stored locally and you can restore the whole site including lists, libraries, OneNote notebooks, individual items. You can restore the SharePoint data to the same or to another different office 365 tenant.

Automatic reconnect during any intermittent internet connection

SharePoint subsite creation and contents

During restore operation, EdbMails tool helps to create new subsites, libraries, folders, lists in the destination server automatically. Like this it helps backup and restore your data anywhere in the SharePoint environment.

Full control over Retention Policy

Teams data backup

Teams data can be secured by backing up all the data which is stored in Sharepoint sites. Teams data can be moved to other tenants or on office 365 tenant new teams can be built from scratch using the SharePoint backed up data. With EdbMails tool, you can backup team data like documents, files which are shared as well as private and meeting in SharePoint online. All these backed up data will be stored locally and it can be restored according to the user needs.

Extensive data retention and full control over the data

Extensive data retention and full control over the data

As the backup data files will be stored locally, data will be available as long as the user needs it. There is no need to worry about the retention policy because the user will have the full control over the data.

Export mailbox from office 365 online

Restore data to same or different office 365 tenant

No need of restoring the SharePoint backup data to the same location, EdbMails tool allows to restore the backed-up data to same or different office 365 tenants.

Brick-level backup office 365 mailboxes

Zero Impact on users

As the backup operation runs in the background, there will no impact on users and the accessibility of SharePoint sites and office 365 service. EdbMails assures zero interruption on Office service and there will no downtime during the data backup operation.

Granular restore and backup

Deployed on virtual or physical machine

EdbMails Backup application can be installed on both virtual and physical window based machine. According to the user requirement install the application and perform the backup opeartion.

Restore to other locations

Backup all the group related data

Backup and Restore all the office 365 group sites, conversations, events, tasks, contacts, metadata, notebooks, libraries, folder, files and all the group related data.

Secure Backup office 365

Office 365 secure local backup

The Backup copies of SharePoint will be stored securely on the user machine and prevents the data loss. While restoring user can browse the required backup file and then data can be restored to any preferred office 365 tenant.

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