Migrate G Suite to Office 365

EdbMails makes G Suite to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) migration easy without the need for IT administrators or technical expertise.

It fully automates the migration including attachments, folders, and meta-data properties and the Gmail labels are converted to folders in the target mailbox during the migration. Connect to the source and target servers, and the application will handle the rest.

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G Suite and Gmail IMAP migration

Zimbra to Office 365 IMAP migration

Zimbra to Office 365 Migration

EdbMails can also help you perform migration from Zimbra to Office 365. It systematically displays your account mailboxes, folders, and mail items, which makes it easier to find a single item or transfer all items at once.

You can load multiple mailboxes using a .CSV file and migrate all of them at once with EdbMails automapping mailbox feature.

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Migrate mailbox from legacy Exchange server

IMAP migration allows you to migrate mailboxes from an old or legacy Exchange server to a new Exchange server without coexistence issues.

You can connect to your source Exchange server (2007, 2010, 2013) with an IMAP connection and directly migrate to the latest Exchange such as 2016 and 2019 or Microsoft 365.

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Migrate Exchange 2010 to 2019

Migrate IceWarp, Zoho, Zimbra

Migrate IceWarp to Zimbra

EdbMails provides a plethora of options for IMAP migration, including the ability to select your preferred source server, such as IceWarp or Zimbra.

Connect to the server via IMAP, select the mailboxes from the software's interface, and migrate directly to the target without double migration hops.

Hosted Exchange migration without admin credentials

EdbMails makes it simple to migrate to or from a Hosted Exchange without requiring admin credentials. Create a CSV file with the user's IMAP information and use IMAP migration to migrate multiple mailboxes to Office 365 or a live Exchange server.

Install the application on the user's computer and allow them to easily migrate their own mailboxes.

Hosted Exchange migration with IMAP connection

Connect to IMAP server and start the migration

Simple connection of source & target mailboxes

EdbMails is a secure tool that does not store any data on its servers and software’s user-interface is designed in a step-by-step manner to assist you in connecting to the source and target mailboxes without requiring technical skills.

Automate the connection and migration operation by simply providing the host name, server details and your account credentials.

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More IMAP migration features to help you

EdbMails is designed to do the hard task while easing your manual migration work. Know more about the various features to customize the workflow as per your requirements.


Include or Exclude mail items

You can customize your IMAP migration and migrate mail items granularly using EdbMails include / exclude filter settings based on Date, Sender, Attachments and logical conditions such as AND / OR.

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Migrate meta-data and retain folder structure

By default, EdbMails migrates all the meta-data and header information and maintains a mirrored replica of the original source folder structure on the target without modifying the folder hierarchy, data formatting and language encoding.


Selective folder migration

You can select specific folders and subfolders from EdbMails tree structure and migrate them to the destination server. In addition, you can use the application’s filter option to include folders for migration or exclude unwanted folders such as Junk, Conversation History or Custom Folders.

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Multi-language migration support

EdbMails is a trustworthy IMAP migration software that includes built-in support for migrating non-English Unicode and special characters in emails like Japanese, Hebrew, and Arabic. You can also easily migrate standard folders from a different language by changing the settings on the target server.

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Migrate multiple mailboxes

By installing EdbMails on multiple machines, you can migrate multiple mailboxes parallelly to the target thereby allowing you to speed up the migration operation.


No Outlook required for migration

EdbMails can migrate mailboxes between IMAP servers or from an Exchange environment to Office 365 without having to install Microsoft Outlook. Simply connect the source and target server and start transferring the mail items.

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