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IMAP / POP3 Migration Tool - Features

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IMAP to Office 365 Migration

IMAP Migration to Office 365

Migrating all the IMAP mailboxes to destination Office 365 server seamlessly. Connect to IMAP mailbox in EdbMails application, Connect to Office 365 server, Map the mailbox to respective Office 365 tenant and migrate.

IMAP to Live Exchange Migration

IMAP to Live Exchange Migration

Configure your IMAP server and destination Exchange server details in EdbMails application. During the Migration, map the IMAP server mailbox to the corresponding Exchange server mailbox to Migrate the data directly to the Exchange server. Supported Exchange server versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

IMAP Mailbox Mapping

Mailbox Mapping

Mailbox mapping allows you to map source mailbox automatically with the destination corresponding mailbox. It tries matches to the approximate nearest name of the mailbox of source and destination. Also, you can manually map the source mailbox to the required mailbox on the destination server.

Gmail to Office 365 migration

Gmail to Office 365 migration

Migrate all your Gmail/ Gsuite mailboxes to Office 365 server or Live Exchange Server, complete with all labels, effortlessly. Map the source gmail mailboxes to required mailboxes on destination server or automatically create new mailboxes for migration.

Hosted Exchange Migration

Hosted Exchange Migration

Migrate all your user mailboxes from Hosted Exchange Server to Office 365 or Live Exchange Server using IMAP host name of the server. Generate CSV file containing multiple user mailboxes to perform bulk migration from hosted Exchange server.


No Outlook Dependency

Perform IMAP Migration to office 365 and to Live Exchange Server without installing Outlook on your computer. No dependency of the outlook for Migration.

NOTE: If you are exporting the IMAP mailbox to PST, then you need to have outlook installed on your migration machine.

Hosted Exchange Migration

Supported IMAP email servers

The list of supported IMAP Email servers: Google mail - Gmail,,, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Mail Plus, Yahoo Mail UK, Yahoo Mail Deutschland, Yahoo Mail AU/NZ,, AT&T, BT Connect, NTL, O2 Deutschland, T-Online Deutschland, 1&1 Deutschland, Verizon, Zoho Mail,,, Net@ddress by USA.NET and many more.


Backup IMAP mailbox to PST

Backup IMAP mailboxes and save each mailbox into individual PST files. Split the PST files into small chunks by setting the PST split size option during the Migration operation or by default export the PST file into one single file.

IMAP Filter Option

Filter Option

Filter and migrate the required data based on certain criteria. You can filter the migration data by email Subject, sent dates, Attachment name, from and To address of an email. By setting these parameters you can migrate the required data.

Original messages/metadata

Original message / metadata

Unique metadata for each mail is recovered and attached to it. You will get all the message headers for each mail as it is in the original source.

Replica of IMAP mailbox

Replica of IMAP mailbox

EdbMails ensures a 1:1 copy of the source IMAP mailboxes and target servers migration. Original folder structure and metadata will be intact. Source mailboxes will not be altered in any condition. it ensures a reliable and risk-free migration.

Standard Folder of different languages

Migrate to the same Standard Folder of different languages

Application migrates to the same standard folder names on the destination server even if the language is different on office 365.