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EdbMails Office 365 Migration is one of the simple and effective tool which helps to migrate within different environment seamlessly. Organizations use different languages all around the globe but the language never a barrier for EdbMails. No matter what language your organization is using, EdbMails provides the built-in support for Non-English Unicode characters and it can ideally regenerate the source mailbox data on the destination server efficiently including all the special characters.

In every corner of the world, most of the organizations run their business. Only one thing that differentiates the one organization from another is language of the data which are stored in mailboxes. But regardless of the languages used, any of the organization can use the EdbMails Office 365 Migration tool which effortlessly migrates all the data by keeping their original language without any change.

While migrating the standard folders like Inbox, contacts, calendars, sent items etc., if the source and destination server language is unique then before migration you need to change the regional language settings on the target server as source. Changing the destination server language as source helps to easily map and migrate data to the respective folders.

Click here to know the steps to change the language and regional settings on Exchange server

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