Exchange to Microsoft 365 Migration

Migrate Exchange to Office 365

Utilize all the latest features of Office 365 by using EdbMails to migrate from Exchange 2010 to Microsoft 365, for instance. Migrate specific emails or in batches all at your convenience. Read More

Migrate Exchange mailboxes with admin rights

Set impersonation rights to the global admin credentials to the target O365 tenant and migrate all mailboxes from Exchange to Office 365 on behalf of your users. Read More

Import PST file into Microsoft 365 cloud

EdbMails can directly migrate an Outlook PST file from an old Exchange server to your Office 365 tenant in a few simple steps. Read More

Exchange to Exchange online migration

Office 365 migration types

Cutover, Staged and Hybrid Exchange Migration

Cutover Migration

By selecting all mailboxes and folders in EdbMails, you can perform a full mailbox migration from the source to the target in a single shot. Read More

Staged Migration

The application allows you to perform staged migration with granular filter options based on Date, Sender Address, Subject and is best suited if you are planning to migrate your Exchange mailboxes in batches. Read More

Hybrid Migration

EdbMails interface allows you to connect to the source Exchange and target Office 365 mailboxes and complete the migration to / from a Hybrid environment (A combination of On-premise and Office 365). Read More

Exchange to Exchange server migration

Migrate On-Premise Exchange to live Exchange

Looking to upgrade from expensive on-premise servers to live Exchange? EdbMails can help you solve your problem by allowing you to perform the migration from its simplified interface. Read More

Upgrade legacy Exchange to Exchange 2016 and 2019

Microsoft no longer supports legacy Exchange servers, and EdbMails is a tailor-made solution to migrate your mailboxes directly to Exchange 2016 and 2019. Read More

Migrate Hosted Exchange to live Exchange

EdbMails supports migrating directly from various third party hosted servers such as Rackspace, GoDaddy to live Exchange and Exchange online. Read More

Legacy , On-premise and Hosted Exchange migration

Exchange Public folder to Office 365 migration

Support for different Exchange migrations

Migrate Exchange Public Folders, Archive and Shared mailboxes

Migrate entire Public folders between Office 365 tenants or migrate from an on-premise Exchange Public Folder to Office 365 Shared / Archive Mailbox. Read More

Migrate Exchange Small Business Server (SBS) to new Exchange

Migrate mailboxes and Public folders from any SBS version to a new Exchange server in a single migration hop! Read More

Cross forest and cross domain migration

EdbMails software enables you to migrate Exchange mailboxes directly across forests and domains without having to worry about coexistence issues or upgrading to a compatible Exchange server version first. Read More

Feature rich tool to customize migration workflow

Incremental no duplicate migration

When performing successive migrations to the same target from the same computer (for example in staged migration), EdbMails prevents migrating duplicates. This saves migration bandwidth and improves performance for your migration tasks. Read More

Selective granular migration with filters

EdbMails supports migration using granular filter options such as Date, Subject, Attachment, From, To, Cc, Bcc that allows you to transfer only the data you require. Read More

Migrations made easy with a simple interface

EdbMails straightforward interface simplifies complex Exchange migration tasks by guiding you step-by-step through the process of connecting to the source and target without requiring any technical skills.

Incremental and granular migration

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