Exchange Server Migration

Exchange Migration is a stressful task for most of the admins without perfect planning. Even though there are some manual approaches, they are not reliable due to many limitations over the migration task. The limitations may include a number of mailboxes, mailbox sizes, lengthy procedures, Exchange management shell scripts, etc. To overcome all these complexities, EdbMails provides a perfect Migration solution which makes the migration task much simpler and easier.

Exchange Migration

A user-friendly Exchange Migration tool:

There is a common setup for all the recovery and migration solution which is easy to install. Within a few clicks, you can initiate the migration process. Just connect the source and target server with the appropriate credentials. The tool handles the rest with its ease of use and automatic features. No need to intervene manually with the complex commands to perform the migration process.

The tool supports all the latest Exchange versions. You can also migrate Public folders, Archive mailboxes and shared mailboxes between the source and the target servers.

The tool maps the mailboxes between source and target servers automatically to the nearest matching mailbox names. This automation process saves a lot of time and effort.

Exchange migration supported scenarios

Just give a try to experience all the advanced features provided by the tool using the Free Trial Version. It allows you to migrate 30 items from each and every folder. Upon purchasing the license you can migrate the whole Exchange mailbox items to the target Office 365 / Live Exchange / Hosted Exchange server.

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  • Our company has acquired a small division of around hundred employees. After the acquisition, our immediate goal was to migrate Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016. We have listed few third-party tools to do this Exchange migration job. Our best bet was EdbMails, due to its unique features that supports automatic migration and a simple easy to use user interface :). EdbMails is the only application has passed our re-migration test wherein migration was successful without creating any duplicate items. Holding onto these results we have started our migration project and EdbMails proved to be a worth tool for Exchange migration projects. Of course you save a lot of money and time with EdbMails migration!
     – Drew Richard
    New York, United States

  • One thing that you have the best app for the Exchange. I have tried several other software, but EdbMails is outstanding.
      – Jaime Figueras
    Madrid, Spain

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