Export Exchange Mailbox to PST

Perform secure migration of all your data from any Exchange Server Version to PST file. All the mailbox, calendar, contacts, tasks etc will be migrated to the PST file flawlessly. Also migrate Public Folders and archive mailboxes to PST seamlessly. More importantly, you don’t need to use any powershell export mailbox to PST commands. You can also perform exchange export to PST with csv file containing list of mailboxes. With EdbMails, you can perform exchange 2013 export mailbox to PST or even exchange 2010 export mailbox to PST.

Supported Migrations:

  • Export exchange 2003 mailbox to PST
  • Export exchange 2007 mailbox to PST
  • Export exchange 2010 mailbox to PST
  • Export exchange 2013 mailbox to PST
  • Export exchange 2016 mailbox to PST

Features and more....


Auto re-connectivity for any intermittent internet connection

You no longer have to worry about intermittent connection problems as EdbMails is capable of automatically reconnecting to resume the migration process.

Source server interruption — If the Source server connection is interrupted like for instance the connection to source server is broken but the server maintains the connection information. Application Availability source, not being able to communicate with the Availability source server, In this situation EdbMails tries to re-establish the connection and proceed with the migration.

Incrementally Convert Exchange Mailbox to PST

Initial Migration to PST is always full. Application will migrate complete data from the selected mailbox on successful Migration. Consecutive migration to the same location will be Incremental. Only the new added items are considered for the migration. Also, the Items which are not migrated in earlier Migration. Incremental migration works by comparing the previous migration data. It will avoid duplicate items, improves the performance of the exchange mailbox export to pst.


Export Mailbox to PST Exchange 2007

Migrate all the mails, tasks, contacts, calendar etc from source server to PST file effortlessly. None of your data will be left out when using the exchange mailbox export to PST tool and no duplicates will be created upon successive incremental migrations. The user interface of EdbMails is simple to understand and you can setup the migration project in just a few steps. Export all mailboxes to PST Exchange 2010 and export all mailboxes to PST Exchange 2013 flawlessly with EdbMails.

Secure Exchange export to PST

All your data including credentials and other information is safe and secure when using the EdbMails Exchange Migration software as no third party services or DLLs or cloud platforms are involved in the migration operation. The data is migrated directly from source server or the computer where you have installed EdbMails to the PST file with no intermediaries. Exchange migration to PST steps are also available to walk you through.


No access to your System

We will not have any access to your system if you install EdbMails. However, qualified technicians from our team will be always available and can connect to you remotely over the internet to resolve any issues you may be facing.

Prevent Data Loss

Exchange Migration tool from EdbMails creates a 1:1 copy of your source server mailboxes to the PST file. Thus, you don't have to worry about any omissions or deletions. Also, the data in source server is not altered with in anyway. You don't need any other exchange migration strategies as EdbMails can export Exchange mailbox to PST with ease.


Detailed Progress

Access precise exchange migration status for the operation underway with EdbMails Exchange migration tool. Once the migration is completed you will also be shown a summary of the same.

Extensive filtering options

There are number for Include/Exclude filtering options provided, that lets you filter mails by before/after date, subject, attachment name, to/from address.


Split PST file

You are provided with an option to split the PST file into sizes of upto 100GB as per your convenience.

  • Exchange to PST

How to export Exchange mailbox to PST using EdbMails application

  1. Step 1. Start the EdbMails application and click the 'Start your free trial'
  2. Step 2. Select 'Exchange Migration' and click the 'Continue'
  3. Step 3. Login to your Source Exchange Server as prompted and follow the steps
  4. Step 4. Select all mailboxes that you wish to migrate. Click the 'Export Live Exchange to PST'
  5. Step 5. Choose the filtering options as needed and Click ‘Export / Archive Exchange to PST’
  6. Step 6. Select the destination location to store exported data
  7. Step 7. Upon operation completion, appropriate message will be prompted