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For organization uptime is foremost important. But the data migration to the new platform often leads to downtime. Obvious dream for the organization is to do the migration process without any service interruption but the data migration has always been the complex challenge for the Exchange administrator.

In order to achieve zero downtime most of the Exchange administrator tries to migrate Exchange mailboxes to new Exchange environment but they need to be aware of how they achieve it. That would be ideally right

So for that, we have the EdbMails Exchange migration tool which provides the smoothest experience to the end-users.

Using EdbMails, you can achive zero downtime Exchagne migration

Once you have made the switch to migrate mailboxes with EdbMails Exchange migration tool all your mailboxes will be migrated to the target server without any performance issues to deal as you could achieve zero downtime and allow the user to concentrate on the work as usual during the migration process. Furthermore, the application does not imply any limitations on mailboxes to be accessed by the user.

In addition, application never impacts the software availability means your current Exchange server and your target server will be up, and it can be usable during the migration process. In other words, user can access the source mailboxes while their mailboxes being migrated and you can easily access the target mailboxes as soon as data gets migrated to target server without any duplication.

Once the migration task is finished EdbMails generates detailed log reports of the entire migration process.

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  • Our company has acquired a small division of around hundred employees. After the acquisition, our immediate goal was to migrate Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016. We have listed few third-party tools to do this Exchange migration job. Our best bet was EdbMails, due to its unique features that supports automatic migration and a simple easy to use user interface :). EdbMails is the only application has passed our re-migration test wherein migration was successful without creating any duplicate items. Holding onto these results we have started our migration project and EdbMails proved to be a worth tool for Exchange migration projects. Of course you save a lot of money and time with EdbMails migration!
     – Drew Richard
    New York, United States

  • BOSSGTS would like to thank EdbMails for their amazing software - through this software, we were able to recover multiple damaged EDB database files, and successfully migrate data to a new, live exchange server. We personally recommend this solution to ANYONE stuck with mail downtime, and going forward, will not use any other software, other than EdbMails suite
      – Darren - South Africa

  • One thing that you have the best app for the Exchange. I have tried several other software, but EdbMails is outstanding.
      – Jaime Figueras
    Madrid, Spain

  • I must say the EdbMails software is very good, I used it with the last Public folder migration on a large amount of folders and it did a fantastic job!
    Thanks again!
    – Kenedy Fitzgerald
    United Kingdom

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