Automatic Mailbox Mapping

Mapping of mailboxes is a tedious one with the manual approach. This consumes more time of the migration process in case of mapping a large number of mailboxes for various domains. EdbMails Office Migration tool handles this automatically.

Automatic Mailbox Mapping

How EdbMails map the mailboxes between source and target servers?

For Example, consider the source mailbox:

Target mailboxes: and

Automatic mapping will be performed in any one of the following cases

  • a) Exact matching of source and target mailbox address

Automatic Mailbox Mapping


As exactly matches with the target domain, so the tool automatically maps the source mailbox with the target mailbox.

  • b) Matching the target mailbox name in the source mailbox

Automatic Mailbox Mapping


As the source mailbox name ‘abc’ is nearly matching with the target mailbox name ‘abc123’. So the source mailbox will be automatically mapped with the target mailbox.

  • c) Matching the display name of the source and target mailboxes.

If the display name of the source and target mailboxes exactly or nearly matches, the mailboxes will be mapped automatically.

This automatic mailbox mapping saves much of time and effort, there by helps in smooth migration.

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  • Our company has acquired a small division of around hundred employees. After the acquisition, our immediate goal was to migrate Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016. We have listed few third-party tools to do this Exchange migration job. Our best bet was EdbMails, due to its unique features that supports automatic migration and a simple easy to use user interface :). EdbMails is the only application has passed our re-migration test wherein migration was successful without creating any duplicate items. Holding onto these results we have started our migration project and EdbMails proved to be a worth tool for Exchange migration projects. Of course you save a lot of money and time with EdbMails migration!
     – Drew Richard
    New York, United States

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