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Office 365 (Microsoft 365) Backup
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Save time with EdbMails
Office 365 backup

EdbMails handles everything from a single location right from Office 365 login and mailbox selection to encryption and backup and brings order to the confusion.

Start the backup with little to no technical knowledge and retain it for as long as you would like in the location of your choice. Protect your valuable data, and as the saying goes, "A stitch in time saves nine!"

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Simple and fast Office 365 backup solution


No duplicate Office 365 backup

No-duplicate mailbox backup

Perform an incremental backup of your Office 365 mailboxes / public folders and leave the backup job running in the background.

The initial operation with EdbMails will always be a full backup and when performing consecutive backups on the same computer, only the newly added items, folders and mail items will be considered without creating duplicates.

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Brick-level Office 365 mailbox backup

EdbMails enables you to perform multiple or single-tenant Office 365 backups by selecting specific mail items and using the include / exclude filter settings to select specific mail items based on Date, Subject, and so on.

Its default granular backup feature simplifies browsing and previewing selected folders from backup copies and restoring them, eliminating the need to backup entire copies repeatedly.

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Select mail items for Office 365 backup

Backup Office 365 Public folders

Backup Public folders from
Microsoft 365

EdbMails allows you to backup all of your Office 365 Public Folders and subfolders in a single encrypted file and restore them whenever you need them, without worrying about accidental deletions or data corruptions, resulting in stress-free management.

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Multiple Tenant mailbox restore

You can restore the backed-up copies of your mailboxes to their original locations or to any other Office 365 Tenant of your choice.

EdbMails also allows you to restore the backed up copy of an Office 365 tenant from one domain (for instance to a totally different domain ( or

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Office 365 Tenant mailbox backup and restore

Safe and secure migration to Microsoft 365

Centralized Office 365 mailbox login

Log in as global administrator by setting the impersonation rights and easily handle the backup and restore tasks for all user’s mailboxes, public folder and archive mailboxes from a single graphical interface without the need for complex methods and PowerShell scripts.

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Automatic reconnect and

EdbMails retains the connection information, and automatically advances the backup process by reconnecting after a conditional wait time without interrupting the flow.

You can confidently backup data in a reliable manner without having to be concerned about intermittent internet connectivity.

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Reconnect and resume during backup operation

Retain Office 365 backup forever

Complete control over the Office 365 backup

By backing up your mailboxes with EdbMails and keeping a copy in your local storage, you won't have to worry about unexpected changes in Microsoft 365 retention policies or deleted mailboxes, giving you complete control over when and for how long this backup data is preserved.

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EdbMails the best choice for Office 365 backup

Use the application and discover its amazing benefits.

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