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Office 365 Mailbox Backup
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Backup Office 365


to encrypted file allows you to accomplish full or granular backups of Office 365 mailboxes and public folders directly to your local computer. Utilizing advanced algorithms & brick-level storage options, you can backup and restore entire mailboxes or just the items you prefer from Mailbox folders, calendars, contacts or individual items like specific single emails or attachments.

Backup Office 365 mailbox

Backup Office 365 mailbox

Create backup for all your Office 365 mailbox data and save them locally. You can also run true incremental backup on your Office 365 tenant to backup only the newly created items from the mailboxes. Store the backups wherever you wish and restore them easily at any time. Backup the entire Public folder structure exactly as it is on your Office 365 account.

Incremental Backup Office 365 mailbox

Office 365 mailbox backup Incremental

EdbMails application performs incremental backup of your Office 365 mailboxes / public folders. Let the backup job run in the background. EdbMails lets you run an incremental backup (also known as a delta backup or an incremental copy) to backup new items or not backed up items from the Office 365 server to your local storage. This can save backup time and space by avoiding duplicate items in your local storage.

Backup Office 365 mailbox

AES 256-bit Encryption backup office 365 mailbox file

AES 256-bit Encryption is definitely secure for your Backup file storage. The only weakness is the key that you choose. As long as you choose a strong key for it, AES 256-bit will keep your Backup files safe. AES 256-bit is considered uncrackable by itself.

Backup Office 365 mailbox Automatic Reconnect

Automatic reconnect during any intermittent internet connection

EdbMails supports office 365 Backup with true incremental for your mailboxes. With EdbMails you won't have to worry about any intermittent connection issues as it Reconnects automatically and progress the backup.

Backup Office 365 mailbox Retention Policy

Full control over Retention Policy

With EdbMails you no longer have to worry about retention policy changes. You can have a backup of all your Office 365 mailboxes locally stored which can be accessed anytime you want. You have full control over how long to keep this backup data.

Office 365 Secure Backup

Secure Backup office 365

Thanks to EdbMails, you can now not be entirely dependent on the cloud-based solutions. All your Office 365 mailboxes and Public folder contents can be flawlessly backed up to local drive. You can even browse through the backups and restore them anytime you wish.

Backup Office 365 mailbox Admin

Manage Everything easily

All your backed-up mailboxes, folders, public folder data etc. can be accessed and managed through the EdbMails user interface. You can also start backup jobs for your Office 365 user account or browse the previously backed up copies.

Export mailbox from office 365 online

Export mailbox from office 365 online

You can use EdbMails to export all your organization’s important data from Office 365 to encrypted files and save them locally. It also allows you to backup and save the mailboxes of users who have left the organization without having to pay for keeping their licenses alive.

Brick-level backup office 365 mailboxes

Brick-level backup office 365 mailboxes

Perform multiple or single-tenant backups, download selected scopes of mailboxes and folders, and specify data range and item type conditions. Browsing backup copies and previewing selected folders or items is now a breeze.

Office 365 Mailbox Granular Restore

Granular restore and backup

With EdbMails for Office 365 backup, you have the option to perform granular or brick-level backup/restore jobs which means you can backup or restore specific individual mails or items of your choice instead of doing it as a whole.

Restore Office 365 Mailbox

Restore to other locations

With EdbMails you don't need to necessarily restore the backed-up mailboxes to their original locations as EdbMails allows you to restore the mailbox backups to any Office 365 mailbox of your choice.

Backup of Office 365 Mailbox data

All types of data supported

EdbMails supports backing up of all types of data in your Office 365 tenant. With EdbMails, you can backup emails, journals, tasks, notes, contacts, calendar items, public folder etc. seamlessly.

Office 365 Backup impact on users

Does not affect the users

EdbMails does not in any way affect the functioning of your Office 365 mailboxes during ongoing backup operations. This ensures that end-users can continue to access their mailboxes and carry on with work as they normally would.