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MBOX to PST Converter

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MBOX to PST Converter

Use EdbMails to Convert MBOX to PST quickly and efficiently. The PST can then be imported into Outlook.

Access MBOX file

Access MBOX file on network

EdbMails has full support for seamless network access. You can browse for and access the MBOX file from any network location, convert it to PST and import mbox into outlook using the generated PST file.

MBOX Viewer

MBOX Viewer

The MBOX file viewer tool shows you a full preview of all the MBOX contents before conversion to PST. This means that with just a few clicks, you can access all the folders within Mbox file in a neatly organized hierarchical view.

MBOX Support

Support for various mail clients

The advanced MBOX to PST Converter tool from EdbMails supports conversion of Mbox files from various popular mail clients such as thunderbird, apple mail, eudora mail, entourage etc effortlessly.

MBOX to Office 365

MBOX to Office 365/Live Exchange

With EdbMails MBOX to PST tool, migrating MBOX directly to Office 365 and Live Exchange Server has become easier than ever before. Just give impersonation rights to a Office 365 or Live Exchange server user and EdbMails will handle the rest for you. You can even map the MBOX file to desired mailboxes on your Office 365 tenant or Live Exchange Server.


Retrieve all Attachments

EdbMails is capable of retrieving any or all attachments from the MBOX file. The MBOX to PST tool also extracts complete email properties such as to/from address, date, time, subject, cc, bcc etc.

Google Vault

Google vault and takeout support

EdbMails supports converting Google vault (Gmail addon) Mbox files to Outlook PST for your convenience, it also has support for gmail emails archived as MBOX files using google takeout.

MBOX Converter

Reliable Converter

EdbMails MBOX to PST Converter offers highest standards of reliability. It not only guarantees that all the data from your MBOX file is exported to PST without anything being left out but also ensures that there is no alteration made to the original MBOX file.

MBOX Language Support

Language Support

EdbMails has extensive language support and can therefore work flawlessly with non-English Unicode content like French, Chinese, Japanese etc during PST export.