MBOX to Live Exchange

MBOX to Live Exchange server Migration software has high–end capability to Export MBOX email data to Live Exchange server. It focuses on safe and secure Migration of the entire MBOX mail data to Live Exchange server. You can also map Soruce MBOX file to corresponding Live Exchange server Mailbox during the migration Operation.

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MBOX to Live Exchange Server

The advanced MBOX to Live Exchange tool from EdbMails will migrate all your MBOX mailboxes to Live Exchange Server. You can also map the mailboxes/folders one to one from the MBOX file to Live Exchange mailboxes during the migration process.

Live Exchange mailboxes / User accounts

All the user accounts and mailboxes from your Live Exchange server will be shown once you give impersonation rights to a Live Exchange user. Thus, you can easily choose which target Live Exchange mailboxes that you wish to migrate to.


Mailbox mapping

Easily map the mailboxes from your MBOX file to the ones in your Live Exchange server. Mailboxes/folders from the source MBOX file can be mapped and migrated to mailboxes of your choice in the Live Exchange server.

Selective migration

With EdbMails MBOX to Live Exchange migration tool, you have the choice to export all the mails from your MBOX file to Live Exchange in one go or to pick and choose individual mails of your choice.


Include/Exclude Filter options

EdbMails comes bundled with a set of filtering options such as 'Before date', 'After Date' , ‘To address’, ‘From address’, ‘Attachment name’ and 'Subject'. You can choose to include or exclude these email filters during migration to Live Exchange.

No Outlook Dependency

Migrate all your MBOX mailboxes to Live Exchange without having Outlook installed on your computer. EdbMails MBOX to Live Exchange migrator is built to work even in the absence of Outlook for MBOX migration to Live Exchange server.

MBOX to Live Exchange Migration
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How to Migrate MBOX to Exchange server using EdbMails Exchange server Migration tool?

Below steps will guide you to Migrate MBOX to Exchange Server using EdbMails:
Step 1. Open EdbMails application and select 'MBOX Export'
Step 2. Browse the MBOX file that you wish to Migrate and click the 'Continue'
Step 3. Choose the MBOX file Mailbox from the main application screen
Step 4. Click the 'Migrate to Live Exchange' button to Migrate EDB to Live Exchange server
Step 5. Login to your Exchange server as prompted and follow the steps for mailbox mapping and Continue
Step 6. Upon operation completion, appropriate message will be prompted.