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Filter Settings

EdbMails exports mailboxes from an Offline Exchange EDB to PST and migrates to live Exchange / Office 365 server. You can export / migrate only specific mailbox items to your target.

Click on the ‘Settings’ as highlighted in the main application window. It offers you to apply various filters and to export / migrate items accordingly.

Advanced settings and options

Select either Include or Exclude option for Include or Exclude the specific mailbox items for the export / migration process.

  • Date: Select the After Date or Before Date to filter the mailboxes. If both the conditions are applied, mailboxes in between these dates will be selected for the export/migration.
  • Subject: Specify the subject content to include / exclude item in the mailboxes
  • Attachment: Specify the attachment name or extensions like .png, .jpg to include / exclude item in the mailboxes.
  • From, To, Cc, Bcc : Specify the email address or domain to include / exclude item in the mailboxes

Include exclude folders

After the filter, there is an ADD / OR condition,where the user can restrict the apply filter if all the above conditions or any one condition is matched.

Split PST file

You can use the Split PST option for the large files. You can split the PST to be created from 1GB to 100GB. The application splits the PST size to the set size programmatically. By default, it creates a single PST file for each individual mailbox.

Exclude standard / custom folder

Exclude Standard folders

You can also exclude the standard mail folder like inbox, sent box etc for the migration. By default ‘Conversation History’ and ‘Junk Email’ folders are excluded.If you have the custom folder then there is an option to exclude that by specifying the folder name.

Save the settings by clicking the ‘Save’ button.


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