User Manual

Mailboxes Mapping

EdbMails provides three options to map source mailboxes with target mailboxes choose any of them during the migration.

  • Allow application to automatically map mailboxes

    By default software maps the mailboxes based on the nearest matching from the source and the target server, so application can automatically map the mailboxes if the target mailbox is present. You can choose application to map mailboxes automatically. If you choose this option, all the mailboxes you have selected in the source will map to the available mailboxes on the target server.

    However to start automation process select the mailbox you wish to migrate then the application will map automatically if it finds the nearest matching.


  • Create mailboxes manually and map mailboxes

    EdbMails recommend mapping the mailboxes automatically, if the nearest matching mailboxes are found on the target server. If the mailboxes are not present in the target server then you need to create manually, Login to your Exchange server and create the mailboxes manually. Upon creating the mailboxes on the target server, you need re-connect to the targert server once again to load the newly created mailboxes.

  • Allow application to create and map mailboxes

    You need to choose the option 'Create a New Mailbox in Target server' to allow EdbMails to create mailboxes on your target server automatically.


    Fill the required details in the screen that appears as shown below and then click continue to map the mailboxes.

    create mailbox

    During migration, EdbMails will create the mailboxes if the mailbox doesn't exists on your target server.