Public Folder migration to Office 365

For organizations, public folders are an easy way to share the content. Obviously the volume of the public folders is huge. Now the question is that which is the reliable tool for your public folder migration to Office 365 or Live Exchange Server? Here comes EdbMails for your rescue as it can seamlessly migrate public folder of any size and volume.

Hiccups with Native Public folder Migration

Well, of course, native migration is supported for source environment Exchange 2010 SP3 RU8 or later. You can perform the native migration with PowerShell cmdlets and scripts. But it is not user-friendly as you need to run the scripts in a correct sequence. In addition, it takes the complex process to complete the job and requires technical proficiency. You can also migrate public folder data from Outlook but it has size restrictions and duplicate items creation issues. In general, migration through manual methods is always a time consuming and troublesome process. However, EdbMails Office 365 Public folder migration can make your job easy as it can effortlessly and efficiently performs the public folder migration to your target server automatically with few clicks!

Advantages of EdbMails Public folder Migration

  • Migrate Office 365 Public folders to different target environments like Exchange or Office 365 More
  • Migrate Public folders between Exchange servers, Public folders to shared mailbox or to Office 365 groups More
  • Migrating to Office 365 cloud without worrying about server maintenance, security issues and system updates More
  • Include / Exclude option will help you to apply date / time and subject based filtering More
  • Selective Public folder migration - migrate any folders of your choice
  • Unlimited Public folder migration.

Public folders migration


Exchange and Office 365 Public folder migration

  1. Does EdbMails support Office 365 Public folder migration?

    Yes. You can migrate the Public folders between Office 365 servers. In addition, you can migrate Office 365 Public folder to the shared mailboxes or to any other mailboxes. More

  2. How do I migrate the Office 365 Public folder to a shared mailbox?

  3. Does EdbMails migrate duplicate items to the target server on consecutive Public folder Office 365 migrations?

    No. EdbMails ensures that during consecutive Public folder Office 365 migrations, it migrates only the newly added items to your target server thereby saves bandwidth and improves the performance of the Public folder Office 365 migrations.

  4. Does EdbMails deletes or modifies items from the source Public folder during migration?

    No, it doesn't. EdbMails accesses the source Public folder Office 365 migration server data passively, it will not delete or modify your source Public folder.

  5. Can I use my source Public folder as usual during / after EdbMails Public folder Office 365 migration?

    Yes. The data on the source Public folder is not modified in any way during migration, and you can keep using the source Public folder Office 365 without any limitations.

  6. Can I migrate public folders within the same domain in in the same forest.

    No. You cannot use EdbMails Public folder migration within the same domain in the same forest. Such migration scenario is not possible due to Exchange Servers limitations More

  7. Can I migrate public folders in hybrid environment?

    No you cannot migrate Public folders in hybrid migration scenarios as you cannot have Public folders on both on-premises Exchange and Office 365 at the same time in hybrid migration scenarios. More


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  • I had tried many applications for my few hundred mailboxes migration. But none of the application could be able to complete more than a couple of mailboxes migration. When I had contacted they started reporting that it is due to Office 365 throttling issue. Later out of curiosity I have tried EdbMails Office 365 migration with basic plan. EdbMails is the first application completed my 20 mailboxes migration successfully. Upgraded my migration plan and could be able to migrate all my Office 365 mailboxes without any issues. Last week did a re-migration and EdbMails is the only application does a perfect incremental migration without creating a single duplicate items on re-migration. Thanks to EdbMails, it is a hassle-free Office 365 migration software :)
     – Frances Russell
    United States

  • I must say the EdbMails software is very good, I used it with the last Public folder migration on a large amount of folders and it did a fantastic job!
    Thanks again!
    – Kenedy Fitzgerald
    United Kingdom

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