Step by Step Guide for OneDrive Restore

  1. Step-1. 'Login' to access the application

    Enter the credential and Click the 'Login' button.

    Login to EdbMails

  2. Step-2. Select 'SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business backup'

    Select the option 'SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business backup ' and click the 'Continue'.

    SharePoint Online and OneDrive Backup

  3. Step-3. Perform OneDrive restore

    Click the Restore SharePoint, OneDrive button

    OneDrive Restore

    Restore the backed up encrypted file

    Browse the Encrypted file

    Browse file and connect to target

  4. Step-4. Connect to target server for restore

    Note: If you want to connect to individual OneDrive account, use OneDrive URL or else use the admin URL.

    Connect to Office 365 target server with appropriate company site URL and credentials then click the Login button

    Connect to target server

    Select the site to which you wish to restore and then click the continue button to start the restore operation.

    Select the target site

    That's it! During Restore operation, you can view the progress as shown below.

    Restore Progress

    Appropriate message will be displayed on completion of the Restore operation.

    Click the 'View Log' button to view the Restore operation log.

    View Log