User Manual

How to upgrade with the latest version and what is the difference

How to Upgrade

  1. Download the installer from the EdbMails website download page into the machine where migration software is already installed.

  2. Launch the downloaded installer and install the program.

    Warning: If the application is running, it will be terminated by the installer, and you will have to resume them manually after the upgrade.

  3. Perform the upgrade on each machine where the program is installed.

  4. Once the application is installed, Re-launch it. All your settings will be retained, but you need to resume the migration manually.

Version numbers

The Application version is always visible at the very top of the main application window. It consists of 4 numbers separated by dots, Example:, following the pattern below:


which mean the following:

  • [major] -The leftmost number or the first is called the major version. it rarely changes – only when significant features are introduced to the software.

  • [minor] - The second digit changes whenever we release a new version with planned improvements, or any additional functionalities are added (see release notes).

  • [maintenance] - digit in the third position will change only when there is a software release that was not originally planned. Usually happens when an important fix is added and cannot wait for the next minor version change.

  • [build] - A build is a set of changes to the software or its minor update, UI changes, fixes, or improvement. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs and improving the functionality, usability and performance.