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cPanel to cPanel Migration

Migrating mailbox data from one cPanel server to another made simple using EdbMails IMAP migration.

Throughout the use you have accumulated a large number of emails in your Inbox on the mailboxes hosting / mail server. You may also have a lot of emails in your Sent box and even created custom folders to organize your emails and thus have emails in each folder. Now, you want to move to another provider. For this you can use EdbMails IMAP migration.

Let us say that you have an email account at the source server, and you now need to move all emails in this mailbox account to newly created on another server. EdbMails allows you to migrate your mailbox from your old server to a new server.

EdbMails IMAP migration for cPanel

It does not matter whether the source and target servers run on the same platform or different platforms, you can migrate emails from your old hosting server to the new one using EdbMails.

Let your source or target server be on Windows Plesk, Windows Helm, Linux cPanel. EdbMails allows you to migrate your mailboxes from any source server to any target server with IMAP migration.

If you have several email accounts and lots of emails in each, you can create a CSV file with the mailboxes details. Browse the CSV file in EdbMails application and migrate it to the target server. With the CSV file, you can do a batch of mailboxes at once.

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