Recover and export an orphaned OST file

The Exchange offline folder (.ost) file is a local copy of the mailbox on the Exchange server. Whenever the mailbox on the server is not available permanently, the OST file is called orphaned. Orphaned OST files can be recovered by converting an OST file to PST.

Common Reasons that make a Microsoft Exchange OST file orphaned:

  • OST files can get orphaned in scenarios like failure of the Exchange server hardware in storing or syncing the data to your Exchange Server, a data disaster or even a server crash.
  • A second scenario might be bad sectors on the hard disk on which the Exchange server is located. The data read from these sectors can be incorrect and are prone to errors. Such data corruption will make the Exchange database unavailable and your OST file orphaned.
  • When there are power failures or abnormal shutdown of the Exchange server when the server is accessing the database, then that may damage the database and finally orphan the OST file.
  • When the caching controller used with the Exchange Server fails, the cached data is lost and the database is corrupted, which makes the OST file orphaned.
  • Deletion or disabling of the corresponding mailbox on the Exchange server by your server administrator or when the access to the mailbox is denied, it makes your local OST file to become orphaned.
  • Virus infection on the Exchange Server databases can damage and make them unusable, leading to OST file orphaning situations.
  • Other reasons include deleting databases by mistake, partitioning the storage device, formatting the operating system. The Exchange server as a result becomes unavailable and makes the OST file orphaned.

Some precautions to avoid orphaning of OST Exchange file

OST files are orphaned due to corruption in the Exchange server databases. Minimize the Exchange server database corruption by using reliable hardware devices. For example, a UPS can minimize power failure problems. Install quality anti-virus software for your Exchange Server system to prevent virus and malware infections.


How to recover and convert orphaned OST file to PST?

Steps to Export OST to PST

  • Open EdbMails OST to PST converter in Windows.
  • Select an OST file.
  • View the content of the OST file.
  • Select a folder for converting OST data to PST.
  • Select the 'Export to Outlook PST’. option.

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