Supports Unicode and ANSI OST file formats

Organizations and users from different countries normally have mailboxes on global domains. For instance, a user from Germany might have their account created on the .de domain. Correspondingly all the folders in the mailbox will have German naming conventions and characters. The corresponding OST file stored locally is therefore synced with the same language settings.

For a smooth export from OST to PST, the language settings in the source file must be carried over to the target file. Exporting OST to PST directly with MS Outlook may not replicate the same language settings or special characters specific to the language. Manually changing the language for a large number of folders is also not practical.


EdbMails OST to PST converter tool exports an OST file having different language settings to PST. The application comes with built-in support for Non-English Unicode characters and can even export special characters from OST to PST. For instance, it can export an OST file if you have any Scandinavian users who create folder names with letters like æ, ø, æ, å etc. The application additionally supports Ansi OST file formats. So, the next time you export folders from an OST file to PST, you can depend on EdbMails OST to PST converter tool for a language supported export.

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