Recover Metadata and Attachments in OST

Metadata is any information contained within an email like ‘Message headers’, ‘Message-ID’, ‘Subject’, ‘To address’, ‘From address’, ‘Date and Time’ stamps, ‘Cc’, Bcc’ etc;. Natively exporting OST to PST might miss out important metadata information threatening data integrity. In addition, if the source OST file is corrupted or infected, recovering the metadata becomes even more challenging.


Common uses of metadata and attachments

  • Metadata is important for many businesses as they contain sensitive and important information.
  • Required for references, verifications and other legal purposes.
  • Metadata and attachments serve as data records. For example, it might be required to check the exact time an email was sent.
  • Useful and practical to search mails in the mailbox based on Sender, To Address, Attachment Name.
  • For exporting OST to PST, this information is advantageous to apply filters and selectively export the required mail items.
  • Metadata information can help distinguish spam emails from legitimate senders. For instance, email headers can be used with trace email tools to determine the source of an email.

EdbMails OST to PST converter tool effortlessly recovers and exports all the metadata information from OST to PST thus maintaining data consistency. You can save background images, attachments (with all extensions), appointments, meeting schedules, from inaccessible OST files and export them to PST. You no longer have to worry about migrating metadata information with EdbMails OST to PST software.

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