Why import OST to Office 365?

  • No support or technical assistance for legacy Exchange servers and Windows servers. It is advisable to upgrade your mailbox to Office 365.
  • No server maintenance, security issues and manual system updates with Office 365.
  • Microsoft inbuilt migration tool for Office 365 migrations is complex, consumes time involving a lot of research and scripting.
  • Data vulnerability issues due hardware and software corruption and unauthorized accesses in an on-premise Exchange environment.
  • Access your email easily on multiple devices using Office 365 Outlook and mobile applications.
  • A switch to Office 365 is a good time to eliminate storage issues, support, compliances and eDiscovery migration issues which many enterprise users encounter with OST files.

OST to Office 365 migration

EdbMails is an automated solution to seamlessly migrate OST files to Office 365 accounts. OST to Office 365 migration is granular and incremental with a single migration hop. Incremental ensures that there are no duplicate items on your target server upon consecutive migrations and single hop migration ensures a direct migration from the source to the target. EdbMails automatically allows you to create mailboxes on your target server. In addition, OST to Office 365 migration allows you to migrate OST files to Primary mailbox, Public Folders, Shared mailbox and Archive Mailboxes. The application also sets the impersonation rights automatically on the target account thus saving valuable migration time.

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