Split a large OST file to multiple PST files

OST file contains all the mailbox data since the time an account was created. This includes contacts, calendar entries, tasks, journals, emails, files etc.

What is the need to split an overgrown OST file?

Overtime, the user’s mailbox can get accumulated with insignificant and junk mail items leading to an enlarged OST file.

Some common issues of an oversized OST file are as follows

  • Oversized OST files may misbehave and cause corruption issues which calls for a timely backup.
  • Throws error messages during synchronization with MS Outlook.
  • Problems while loading or opening the OST file.
  • Frequent crashes of MS Outlook program.
  • Synchronization errors between OST and Exchange server cannot be fixed easily.

When such a bulky OST file is directly exported to PST, it increases the size of the PST file which leads to PST corruption. One solution to this problem is to split the target PST file into smaller chunks when converting from an enlarged OST file to PST. Microsoft Outlook doesn’t provide an option to individually split the PST files which can get tricky when the source OST file is very large.

How can I split the OST file in smaller chunks (smaller size) of PST, for email export?

EdbMails OST to PST converter comes with a feature to conveniently split the source OST file to multiple PST files during OST to PST export. Users can select the size of the resultant PST files which can then be imported back into Outlook.

Under 'Settings', select the option Automatically split PST file upon reaching the size for export operation and set the desired size for the PST file split. Exporting an oversized OST file is no longer a concern with EdbMails OST to PST tool.

automatic split PST

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