Recover deleted Mailbox items, folders from OST file

Deleting a folder or an email can prove to be troublesome. Normally, when mail items are deleted from Outlook or Exchange server, you can find them in the Deleted Items folder. However, when you accidentally delete those items from the Deleted Items folder as well, then the option you need to select is recovery of those items.

Reasons for OST File data deletion

There could be many reasons for OST file data deletion, but in practice, it can be categorized into two different types.

  • Soft Deletion: Here data is not permanently deleted from the system. It is moved to Deleted Items folder and user can retrieve the items when he wishes to get back the data.
  • Hard Deletion: When the OST file data is deleted permanently it’s known as hard deleted data. Users can’t recover the data from the Deleted Items folder which turns to a stand still.

Reasons for permanent deletion of OST data

  • 1. When the user presses the Shift+Delete key for deleting an item, it leads to permanent deletion.
  • 2. In case the delete an item from Deleted Items Folder causes permanent deletion.

Some manual methods may be useful only when the emails exist in the deleted Items folder. If you can't find those deleted items, you need to recover the items.

Limitations of manual methods to recover deleted OST files

  • 1. No way to recover the data from an orphan OST file.
  • 2. OST file should be in healthy state.
  • 3. No option to recover data items other than emails.

The best approach is to recover the deleted items from the OST file and convert it into a PST.

Luckily, with EdbMails OST to PST converter, you can recover deleted mailbox, folders etc with in a few clicks.

How to recover a deleted mailbox, folders etc. from an OST file?

  • Download and install EdbMails application.
  • Login to EdbMails application.
  • Select the OST file to recover deleted mailbox, folders etc.
  • Check the 'Show All the folders' option as highlighted below.

Recover deleted Mailbox items

You can select the deleted items and export them to a PST file.

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Step by Step Guide to Convert OST to PST

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