Create a Public folder (Exchange Server 2010)

  1. Run the Exchange Management Console (EMC).

  2. public-folder-server-2010

  3. new-public-folder-2010

  4. public-folder-database-2010

    The Public Folder has been successfully created in Exchange Server 2010.

Assign Mailbox user to Public folder

To access Public folder for migration / export, you must assign Public folder to one of the mailbox user.

  1. Click 'Start' > 'Run' and type: ADSIEdit.msc and then click 'Action' in the menu bar and click 'Connect to'

  2. public-folder-database-2010

    • CN=Configuration,DC=<Your_Domain_Name>,DC=<Domain>
      • CN=Services
        • CN=Microsoft Exchange
          • CN=<Organization_Name>
            • CN=Administrative Groups
              • CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)

    and click on CN=Folder Hierarchies


  3. Right click on the 'CN=Public Folders' and select 'Properties' option. In the 'Security' tab check if the user to whom you want to give the full control over public folders is listed under Group or user name. If not, click 'Add', type the name of the user and click the 'Check Names'. Once the correct name is found and displayed, click the 'OK' button.


  4. full-control-2010

    This user account will now have full access rights to the root Public Folders in Exchange Server 2010