Office 365 Migration tool

Perform secure migration of all your data from one Office 365 tenant to another or Live Exchange Server. All the mailbox, calendar, contacts, tasks etc will be migrated to the destination Office 365 tenant or Live Exchange server. Also migrate Public Folders and archive mailboxes flawlessly. For office 365 migrate to another account of Office 365 or office 365 notes migration, Office 365 migration tool can come handy. Also achieve considerably less office 365 migration time than when using native methods.

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Supported Migrations:

  • Migrate from one Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant
  • Migrate from Office 365 to Exchange 2019
  • Migrate from Office 365 to exchange 2016
  • Migrate from Office 365 to exchange 2013
  • Migrate from Office 365 to exchange 2010

Features and more....


Auto re-connectivity for any intermittent internet connection

Office 365 migration resume: EdbMails will automatically reconnect and resume the migration operation in case of any intermittent connection issues and you don't have to worry about office 365 migration syncing.

Source / Target server interruption — If Source / target server connection is interrupted for any reason like the connection between source and target server being broken. Application maintains the connection information of both source and target servers. Application Availability source, not being able to communicate with the Availability target server, In this situation EdbMails can re-establish the connection and proceed with the migration.

Incremental Migration

Incremental migration (also known as a delta migration or an incremental copy) makes it possible to migrate only the newly added mailbox items which have not been migrated before during consecutive migrations from same computer. Also deleted items from the target tenant mailbox are re-migrated during consecutive migrations. Office 365 move to new tenant with EdbMails. Also, there will be no office 365 migration user impact when using this office 365 migration mailbox tool.


Office 365 to Live Exchange Migration

Migrate all the mails, tasks, contacts, calendar etc from source Office 365 tenant to target Live Exchange Server seamlessly. None of your data will be left out when using the Office 365 Migration tool and no duplicates will be created upon successive incremental migrations. Thanks to the simple and straightforward GUI, you don't have to look for other office 365 migration services as EdbMails offers you the complete office 365 migration strategy which can be setup in a few steps.

Office 365 tenant to tenant migration

Achieve flawless migration of your source Office 365 mailboxes including all tasks, contacts, calendar and even public folders to target Office 365 tenant. Moreover, the incremental migration support ensures that there are no duplicates in your target Office 365 mailbox. There is also a office 365 migration step by step guide so that you don't have to look elsewhere for office 365 migration walkthrough.


Secure migration

All the data including private credentials and other information will be safe and secure when using the EdbMails Office 365 Migration tool as there are no third party services or DLLs or cloud platforms used in the migration operation. The data is migrated directly from source tenant to Destination Office 365 tenant and no intermediaries are involved thus eliminating any office 365 migration risks.

No access to your System

We will not have any access your system if you install EdbMails. However, qualified technicians from our team will be always available and can connect to you remotely over the internet to resolve any issues you may be facing.


Prevent Data Loss

Office 365 Migration tool from EdbMails ensures a 1:1 copy of your source tenant mailboxes on target Office 365 tenant. Thus, you don't have to worry about any omissions or deletions. Also, the data in source server is not altered with in anyway making the office 365 migration process entirely risk-free.

Detailed Progress

Access precise progress of the migration operation underway with EdbMails Office 365 migration tool. Once the migration is completed you will also be shown a summary of the operation.


Multi Factor Authentication Support

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) support ensures that even if your Office 365 tenant has multi factor authentication enabled, you can use EdbMails for office 365 migration login and proceed with the migration effortlessly without having to disable MFA and compromise on security.

Automatic Mailbox Mapping

EdbMails Office 365 migration utility can automatically map source mailboxes to their respective target mailboxes for a nearest matching. This can help you save a lot of time when migrating large organizations.

  • Office 365 Migrate Mailbox to Office 365

Steps to migrate Office 365 to Office 365 using EdbMails application

  1. Step 1. Start the EdbMails application and click the 'Start your free trial'
  2. Step 2. Select 'Office 365 Migration' and click the 'Continue'
  3. Step 3. Login to your Source Office 365 as prompted and follow the steps
  4. Step 4. Select all mailboxes that you wish to migrate. Click the 'Migrate To Destination Office 365'
  5. Step 5. Login to your Destination Office 365 as prompted and follow the steps for mailbox mapping and Continue
  6. Step 6. Upon operation completion, appropriate message will be prompted.