IMAP Migration to Office 365. IMAP to PST. IMAP to Live Exchange server

EdbMails IMAP to Office 365 / Exchange server migration is one of the ease of use and high performance oriented migration. You can easily set IMAP configuration for your source Office 365 / Exchange or any email client system. Connect to the destination server and map the mailboxes for migration. It can efficiently migrates mailboxes data with attachments and all email properties.

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Source IMAP Migration to Office 365

The IMAP migration to office 365 tool works amazing with regards to migration of emails from source IMAP server to destination email servers. A wide range of emails present in folders, drafts, sent items, deleted items, Inbox, and junk folders can be migrated.

Gmail Backup & Migration to Office 365

Migrate Gmail / Gsuite mailbox to Office 365 / to Live Exchange Server using EdbMails IMAP Migration. There is no modification done to Gmail data during the migration. It guarantees the data integrity is 1:1 copy of the Gmail / Gsuite. You can directly map Gmail user to the required mailbox on the destination server. Labels of Gmail / Gsuite will be migrated as folders in Office 365. If an email is present in multiple labels in gmail, multiple copies of the mail will be migrated to Office 365 under those folders.


Hosted Exchange Migration without admin credentials

There are chances where hosted Exchange environment will not provide the admin credentials. In such cases request the mailbox users to send the IMAP details as part of the migration process. Generate the CSV file and migrate multiple mailboxes using IMAP Migration to Office 365 or to Live Exchange server. Also, you can install EdbMails application on the users machine and request the individual users to migrate their mailboxes on their own

Mailbox mapping

You can map mailboxes automatically, migrate IMAP emails to new server. Application lists all the mailboxes of destination server. You can also manually map the source mailbox to the required mailbox on the target server.


Selective folder migration (Exclude Folders like sent items, deleted, junk folder)

You can select the required folders and subfolder in the tree structure and migrate only the specific folders. These folders will be migrated in the same structure on the destination server.

Add filters for Migration

IMAP migration to office 365 / Exchange Servers with regards to exporting specific IMAP emails with source to destination. This tool is having granular data migrating framework to migrate emails of specific dates, subject, from and to email address and attachment name.


Supports all IMAP Emails Servers

A Standout amongst the most helpful feature is, it is compatible with all IMAP / POP3 Servers. Yahoo, Gmail / G Suite, AOL,,, Zimbra 1&1 Mail, Zoho mail and so forth., all certified IMAP servers are supported by our tool. Now, Users will have no issues to transfer emails from IMAP mailboxes to the new server

Original folder structure and metadata

IMAP migration to office 365 / Exchange Server maintains the source folder intact on the destination. All folders and subfolders are migrated as original structure. The respective items in those folders will be migrated to the folders on destination server and Source IMAP data will not be modified in any condition.


Migration Summary Report

Application logs all the IMAP migration to office 365 / Exchange server activities. This can be viewed during the migration process or at the end of the migration operation. This will have folder wise migration details with exported email count. By this you can verify with the source details. Also, these logs are archived. You can access all the logs of IMAP migration activities any time.

Migration to Archive Mailbox / Public Folder

Direct Migration of your IMAP Server mailbox to Office 365 Public folder. Also move your email from IMAP server to In-place Archive mailbox of office 365. Public, archive (Office 365 / Exchange Server) or other mailboxes can be migrated by IMAP Mailboxes. Thus, you can migrate data to wherever you need.

IMAP Migration
  • IMAP Migration

Steps to IMAP / POP3 Migration

Step 1. Start the EdbMails application and click the 'Start your free trial'
Step 2. Select 'IMAP,POP3 Migration' and click the 'Continue'
Step 3. Login to your source IMAP Server as prompted and follow steps
Step 4. Select mailboxes that you wish to migrate
Step 5. Map the Source mailboxes with corresponding destination mailboxes and proceed