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Office 365 Migration

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Office 365 Migration has greatly increased over the years but Migration to Office 365 from an on-premise exchange server has never been easier than now thanks to the powerful all-in-one migration utility from EdbMails. Each item can be migrated selectively or as a whole from the exchange environment to Office 365 using EdbMails.

Source ExchangeMigration to Destination
 2007/1020132016Office 365
Office 365    
Exchange Migration

Office 365 migration from On-premise exchange

Migrate all your on-premise exchange mailboxes to Office 365 with ease. It doesn't matter which version of the exchange server you are on as EdbMails supports office 365 migration from Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. This direct migration capability ensures that there are no cost overruns.

Incremental Migration

Incremental office 365 Migration

EdbMails application performs incremental migration of your Office 365 mailboxes / public folders. Let the migration job run in the background. EdbMails lets you to run an incremental migration (also known as a delta migration or an incremental copy) to migrate new items or not migrated items from the Office 365 server. This can saves migration time and space by avoiding duplicate items in your Live Exchange server.

Automatic Reconnect

Automatic reconnect during any intermittent internet connection

EdbMails supports office 365 migration with true incremental for your mailboxes. With EdbMails you won't have to worry about any intermittent connection issues as it Reconnects automatically and progress the migration.

Public Folder to Office 365

Public folder to Office 365 migration

Gone are the days when you had to understand working of complicated exchange management console cmdlets and create working scripts with them to migrate Public folder contents from exchange server to Office 365. EdbMails can accomplish the same in a much more convenient fashion. Create a public folder in the office 365, assign it to a user and choose the same user in EdbMails wizard and rest will be taken care of automatically by the utility.

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration between tenants

Want to Migrate existing Office 365 tenant to newly created Office 365 tenant for your organization? EdbMails can accomplish the job effortlessly for you. Even migrating the mailboxes to an existing tenant is possible with EdbMails.

Office 365 Migration

Migrate everything

With EdbMails, you can be assured that nothing will be left out from the source. Whether it be emails, calendars, tasks, schedules, journals or contacts - everything that is present in your source server will be present in the target server in the same hierarchy.

Office 365 Batch Support

Support for batch Office 365 migration

Migrate in batches or as individual mailboxes. There is also provision to choose for yourself which are the folders that need to be migrated. This means you can choose tasks, calendar, notes, journals etc. that you want to migrate instead of doing it as a whole.

Language Support

Supports Most languages

Differences in language is never a problem with EdbMails. It comes with built in support for Non-English Unicode characters and can migrate even special characters. This ensures that no matter what the source server language is, migration to Office 365 will be carried out as planned.

Duplicate Items

Prevents duplicate items in mailboxes

EdbMails ensures that there is no duplication of mails in target mailboxes as it can look for and migrate only those items that haven't been migrated yet. This makes sure that there are no duplicates as can happen otherwise in scenarios where mail flow hasn’t shifted to new server.

User Interface

Easy to use

There is no technical know-how required for performing exchange to Office 365 migration with EdbMails thanks to its user interface which is rather straightforward and simple to use.

Migration Down Time


Yes, you read it right - EdbMails guarantees zero downtime. Users can maintain their workflow as the application puts no limitation to access of the server or respective mailboxes by users. This essentially means that your current exchange deployment will be up and running and completely usable during the entire migration process.

Secure Migration

Secure and Safe Migration

EdbMails ensures that there is no harm to data at the source server. It also ensures that all the credentials you enter during its operation are securely encrypted and used only to achieve the migration goals set for it. This ensures tension free migration.