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Perform Exchange Database Recovery without Exchange log files

User’s mailboxes are stored in the Exchange database file (.EDB file) and transaction details are stored in log files. Both are important, if any one got corrupted and missing then it may affect the users as they can’t access their mailbox which will directly impact business communication.

With the native solution, there is a misunderstanding that only EDB files are sufficient for recovery which is wrong. Without logs files, databases can’t be mounted. So it becomes essential to maintain both database and log files.

EdbMails Exchange database recovery solution can repair and recover your Exchange mailboxes completely from the dead EDB file without the need of Exchange server services or Active Directory. Its user-friendly interface helps in the recovery within a few steps.

Log files in the Exchange Database

Exchange log files are used to prevent data loss as it records all the transactions before they are committed to the database file. This operation is called write-ahead logging. In case of any database failure, all the transactions can be recovered by using log files.

As the Exchange server stores user’s mailboxes in Exchange database file (.EDB file), it is recommended to have a backup of the database file by using an application back ups Exchange database files.

Reasons for database not being able to mount are

There are many reasons for mounting errors, few primary reasons are:

  • A normal backup application may not backup the Exchange database intact, and it may corrupt/lock the file system.
  • Antivirus software must also be Exchange Server aware as it may lock the EDB file for scanning and possibly cause damage to the database. If you are using antivirus, make sure that all the exclusions are set.
  • When Exchange Server object already exists within Active Directory (with same domain name) and you may try to upgrade it after uninstalling an earlier version
  • Database corruption due to hardware fault or sudden power failure.
  • Lack of disk space.
  • Inconsistent or missing log files.
  • Time mismatch( “JET_errDbTimeCorrupted -344)
  • Jet error of file access or locked.
  • Permission problems.

These are the reasons for database inconsistency, so you can’t mount your database and it is marked as dirty shutdown from the clean shutdown.

You can check the state by using the native utility called EseUtil and using the /MH along with the name of the EDB file next to the command.


Below is the command we run on our sample EDB file to demonstrate the dirty Shutdown. eseutil /mh " Mailbox Database 15345957334”


How to recover the EDB files

ESEUTIL tool is used for verifying, defragmenting, and recovering the corrupted Exchange database files. We will see it in detail. However, using this tool has various drawbacks.

Important: Before using the ESEUTIL tool, please make sure that you have the backup of the database files with all log files.

When Eseutil is used to perform recovery operation, it is important to have log files available, or else it throws Jet error -1032.

Soft Recovery method: If you have the log files, run the below command to recover the EDB files, provide the log files path if database and logs are in a different location.


eseutil /r “log_prefix” /l “path_to_the_folder_with_log_files” /d “path_to_the_folder_with_the_database”

For Example, we ran the below command for demonstration purposes. Refer the below image for more details. After running this command, check your database state again.

eseutil /r E00 /l "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\Mailbox Database 1534595733" /d "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\Mailbox Database 1534595733"


In case of failure, you may get any of the below error messages:

Error Number JET Error Description
Error -501 (0xfffffe0b) JET_errLogFileCorrupt Log File is Corrupt
Error -514 (0xfffffdfe) JET_errBadLogVersion Log file generated with different Exchange Server or edition
Error -515 (0xfffffdfd) JET_errInvalidLogSequence Any log file from the sequence is missing
Error -533 (0xfffffdeb) JET_errCheckpointCorrupt Checkpoint file is deleted or corrupt

Perform Hard Recovery

Try this method as the last attempt to recover the database because there is no guarantee that this would work. After this process, defragmentation, indexing of the database takes place and damaged pages are removed from the database. Due to this data may be lost. Also, Microsoft does not provide support if the database has been recovered.

Below is the syntax to perform Hard Recovery.

ESEUTL /P “database path”

After this, check the integrity of the database using IsInteg tool.

How to recover the EDB files safely without any issue?

To overcome all the uncertainties with the native solutions, EdbMails is the best application. EdbMails Exchange database recovery solution repairs corrupted, damaged Exchange EDB files. It uses the advanced algorithms for recovery and conversion of EDB files to PST. It displays the preview of all the Exchange mailboxes including items like Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Journals, Notes and Attachments etc. And converts to PST formats.

Refer the below link for the recovery and conversion of EDB files to Outlook PST:


  • Recovers and exports Exchange EDB to PST.
  • Supports Exchange server versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.
  • Recovers accidentally deleted Exchange mailboxes.
  • Automatically migrate offline EDB file to live Exchange server and Office 365 server.
  • Supports conversion of Exchange EDB Mailboxes, Public Folders, and Archive mailboxes to PST.
  • Easily converts and save EDB data in EML, MHT, and HTML formats.
  • Automatically creates mailboxes on the target server for EDB to Office 365, Exchange migration.
  • Automatically sets required mailboxes rights on the target server for EDB to Office 365, Exchange migration.
  • Supports migration of EDB mailboxes to Office 365 / Exchange Shared mailbox.
  • EDB recovery license is a lifetime license with a free software upgrade and 24/7 support.

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