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Exchange Server Backup Pricing

EdbMails Live Exchange server Backup license is priced for annual subscription according to the number of Mailboxes. There is no monthly subscription available.On the expiry of your subscription you will no longer be able to Backup data, but you will still be able to restore items.

  • AES 256-bit Encrypted, Incremental and Highly Compressed Backup
  • You can set Private Encryption Key for the backup for an additional protection for your data
  • Save Exchange server Mailbox backup on your local computer or on network / shared drives
  • Incremental backup: Consecutive backup will only backup newly added items to your mailbox there by saves bandwidth, disk space and time
  • Backup single mailbox as well as multiple mailboxes from Exchange Server
  • Backup Archive Exchange server mailboxes
  • Backup Public folder Exchange server mailbox
  • License can be used by Personal, Government, Education institutes, Corporate, Enterprise, Data Recovery companies and Technical users

For pricing related details please refer to Exchange Server Backup pricing.